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26-09-10, 12:55
gelkster here, I've been a longtime listener of RR ever since the Shane Monroe days, & it's so much better now. I'm 39, live near St Paul Mn & have been gaming most of my life. I have DSi & Wii but I dont like current-gen gaming, Im a huge retro fan all the way. I listen to a ton of podcasts & RR has become one of my faves since they ironed out the bugs.

I lost most of my free/gaming time when my boys were born, but I hope to turn them on to the classics. It's already underway. One always asks to play the "elevator game" (Elevator Action) & Ive shown them several other games on diff. systems. The Atari VCS Sesame St games were a hit too.

26-09-10, 01:27
Glad to have you onboard, listener feedback is a huge part of what shapes the content of our show.

26-09-10, 02:40
Yes, welcome aboard, and you are bringing those boys up right.

26-09-10, 03:07
Welcome gelkster,

Glad to have you as a listener and also here in the forums. Hope you are a regular around here.