View Full Version : Little Big Planet 2

25-09-10, 03:57
As mentioned in my intro i am looking forward to little big planet 2. Yes ive had the first one for some time but it tends to get boring after 1-2 hours play. I find i have to put the game down and come back later to keep it feeling fresh.

LBP2 looks to be right up my street as the game down to the type of games the user can create. They are very retro/arcade looking and ideal for twitch gamers. Lets hope they push the game to get people buying out there because i would love the game to be bigger than the first one as it heavily relies on online community input.

Ive already got my preorder paid for this title, lets hope many follow...............

25-09-10, 06:45
I've had the first one for a while on PSP but have never felt compelled to play it since picking up Picross 3D on DS.