View Full Version : RAW Vs Smackdown 2011

25-09-10, 03:52
Anybody on here looking forward to the release of RVS 2011?

I am looking forward to it providing the developers deliver on all their promises like improved online play, bigger season mode and one of the most important features, online royal rumble.
I hope the graphics get updated too as the engine is beginning to look old. I also heard it will have more online support which i hope they dont abandon after 2/3 months release. It would be sweet if they sync'd current roster/title info with whats going on in the WWE and did monthly updates.

I have a feeling we may just see a 90% finish product since they plan to release WWE All Stars early 2011 so they maybe saving things to put into that title to keep us wrestling fans wanting that much more. The problem we have now with this series is just how far can they go? A cross system online mode would be a way forward in the future but i doubt that would happen (Wii vs Xbox vs PS3 players)

17-11-10, 01:56
Well after owning the game for almost 2 weeks i am really dissapointed.

The game doesnt feel a big step from rvs2010 and the online play is very buggy and slow. I am using a 20mb connection so not my problems. I did look into it and thq look to bring out a patch soon to fix this but no date yet.

Again a big let down for a big game for 2010. The universe mode sucks too you spend lots of time auto simming matches etc and anoyancies such as entrances and post match replays cant be turned off permantley they only get turned off per match!

I am also not impressed by the reworked grapple system it sucks. They should back track almost 10 years and bring the n64 wrestling game wwf no mercy control mechanic back into play, that was an awsome system and still is enjoyable today!

Lets wwe all stars goes in a new direction.