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25-09-10, 08:34
Hi im Sean, 26 from Manchester UK.

I recently came across RGR about 1 month ago as i set out one day to find a new fix for my retrogaming podcast as the great Retro Gaming Radio isnt being done anymore! :(

Im really impressed with the shows and so far i have listened to every show as far as April 2010 so i am almost up to date!

I grew up in the Sega Genesis era of gaming and can remember playing the console on its first day of release on an old b&w Tv and being blown away by the awsome graphics then. I was hooked right away and pestered my parents for a gaming console.

They then suprised me one day and treated me to an Atari 2600 from Toy & Hobby (before toys r us) as they was selling them to clear for a staggering 9.99 which was awsome back in the day. The console came bundled with Centipede and i spent many hours addicted to this great game and got obsessed with trying to clear the whole screen and managed to do it a couple of times to only find the game would freeze for a couple of sections while it filled up again.

I next bought a Master System mk1 from my neighbours and with that came Sonic The Hedgehog 1 and Hang-on. Again both games got me hooked and i skived off school many days to play these games. I still think Sonic 1 on the master system is the best sonic game of any console for its sheer difficulty and time it took to finish. The Jungle themed levels where incredibly hard due to the tricky jumps. I was also excited to find there was a hidden maze game built into the system which would load when you pressed a certain number of buttons when booting the console. The game that i would say defined this console would be Golden Axe Warrior. I think it is a title that time forgot and i would urge people to go back and play it. Yes its a Zelda clone but it had a far bigger world, faster frame rate and more control of the character in the world. You could get a ship and sail to wherever you wanted for example rather in Zelda it was limited to a pre programmed path.

Later on i was bought a NES for xmas with Mario 3 and Zelda, gold edition cartridge. I loved the console to bit but being a silly child i part exchanged it a few months later for a master system mk2 as alex the kidd being built in totaly reeled me in and it was an awsome game.

I then lost interest in gaming for a while until my parents bought me a Saturn for xmas. I felt like a new kid again as the graphics looked awsome and it had some good titles in its short life. My favs where Manx TT and Sega Rally. I saw the end of the console coming so i traded it in for a PS1 which was a wise decision as games where more affordable and a larger library was available and of course it out lived the Saturn and killed it.

I later purchased an N64. It was another great console. My fav game was WWF No Mercy. It was far superior to any other wrestling game available at the time. It took me a while to get the game as there was a limited production run and i spent a whole day on the bus travelling to different shops finally picking up a last in the store copy at Game in the Trafford Centre. The only thing that spoiled the game was the reset bug where the game would randomly reboot and you would loose any saved data. This was aknowledged and limited replacements where issued but i never persued this as i didnt want to be without the game. The game had a great control system and its a shame it is not used today in wrestling games as it would appeal to more people to pick up and play.

I then pre ordered a Dreamcast and on launch day i was dissapointed to only walk away with just the console and sonic adventure as reservations werent guaranteed as i pre ordered a keyboard and a whole bunch of games but due to high demand they were sold out. I loved the console lots but was frustrated that i couldnt browse the internet for a couple of weeks as the servce was overwhelmed with demand.

I held out for quite sometime until the Ps2 slim arrived as i didnt want to pay the high launch price of the MK1 ps2. It was an okay console but no game really stood out to me.

I currently just own a PS3 slim and currently working through Dead Space and Ratchet & Clank Tools Of Destruction and both are great adventure games. Dead Space is a game that has really impressed me and shown how games have come along in the past few years as it does bring a live Sci-fi horror atomosphere to your room. I am looking forward to Raw Vs Smackdown 2011 and Littlebig Planet 2 this year. Nothing else excites me to want me to part with my cash. A good retro compilation would be good though. The genesis one is ok but a mega Midway/Taito compilation is overdue.

Anything else you want to know about me just ask.......

25-09-10, 09:57
Hi Sean, welcome aboard. When you eventually get caught up to September, you'll hear The British Hour Homecoming, all about the City you live in, and it's all true LOL.

25-09-10, 11:00
I am sure i will give my comments when i get round to that EP :)

Keep up the good shows guys!