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24-09-10, 03:36
Now, while I'm not exactly new to Linux (the first time I ever used it was back in about '97 or '98 and I've been using it off and on since then) I never really saw it as a gaming option until fairly recently ... the last couple of years or so. Sure, id Software and whatnot have allowed some of their games to be ported to it (and sold. I used to have Quake 3 Arena for Linux in a kickass tin). But I want some suggestions for games.

So far I've got these installed on my Ubuntu partition :

Alien Arena
KETM (Kill Everything That Moves)
Open Arena (which gets the most play out of everything)
Vecteroids (which is a fuckin' awesome Asteroids clone)
and Rise of the Triad

Any more suggestions? Source ports for Doom and whatnot are also welcome, I love blowing through that game on Ultraviolence ... though I don't like playing Nightmare because I've got an obsession with killing EVERYTHING in a level ... and respawning creatures are annoying.

24-09-10, 03:43
I know a few...

Any ABA game, yeah I know you can get them in Windows too, but Torus Trooper, Microcade and Tumiki Fighters are awesome!
Linux Galaga, not the same Namco version mind you, but it's still pretty damn good.
I remember playing a shump on an old Linux machine when I was in 6th Form, it was really good, and bizzarly used the mouse to control the ship, but it really worked, shame I can't remember the name of it.
Tux Racer/Extreme, heh, it's a great game don't knock it!

25-09-10, 03:55
Open Arena

Also the standard emulators like MAME and whatnot.

25-09-10, 06:46
Live For Speed also has a Linux version.

25-09-10, 08:30
Kobo Deluxe, which is in the repos for Fedora 13.

It's an unusual shmup - you control your ship kind of like in Thunder Force 2
top-view levels and have to take down enemy bases that fill each level. The game
gets harder and harder as you progress, really a fine piece of old school