View Full Version : Radiant Silvergun coming to XBLA

16-09-10, 12:53
I have only just jumped onto the 360 bandwagon. I got one when the 360S was released, If I hadn't then this news would have made me buy one:


Shoot'em ups are my favourite genre so this is awesome news. Amazingly good game that I don't own (yet) for the Saturn but fortunately got to play it a lot at a mates. He sold it to someone for 25-30 without asking me first though :'(

In case you haven't heard of it, it is one of the most fantastic shooters ever made. Awesome weapons and music, fun bosses and a perfect learning curve and difficulty . . . my opinion of course!

Looking forward to this one. It will be cheaper to buy this + a used xbox than it will be to buy the original, so maybe this will convince the RGR hosts to finally go for one and try out Live Arcade. . . which I have found to be pretty disappointing!

16-09-10, 10:35
360 has a decent array of shooters. Check out "Shoot 1UP" in the Indie game section for a cheap entertaining one (only $1). Ikaruga is also available for download.

16-09-10, 11:48
All I can say to this is...


17-09-10, 02:39
I was also pleased with the fairly recent release of Raystorm HD on XBLA.