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11-09-10, 02:36
Been a listener of RGR and RGR since Shane Monroe started RGR and now these 3 gents are continuing RGR, albiet a different RGR. Funny, aint it?
Have owned a few arcades at home and currently have an UMK3 that hosts MAME, a cocktail hosting a 60-in-1, a "Gold Wings" pinball on the way, a Zizzle PotC, and all the other usual suspects. Grew up heavy on 2600 and Intellivision, but missed a lot of the NES,SMS,GENESIS,SNES,N64 era due to my c64, Amiga, and PC gaming (big fan of RPG's and Military Flight Sims). Picked things back up again with the Dreamcast, and have a few Xbox's and a Wii for console action.
Went back and played through all of the Mario's (cheating via emulation savestates!) and last weekend did weekend marathon on Gauntlet 2 with my kids up to level 100. They like the old-school games too.
Not a modern-games hater. Played about 200 hours each on Fallout 3 and Oblivion, and uncounted hours on NeverWinterNights 2. I do think that there is a lot of junk out now, but 20 years ago there was a lot of crap in cartridge form too. Sometimes we forget how horrible some of the games were.
Planning on picking up the DS INTV offering in a few days. Nuff said.
Live in Hampton Roads area of Virginia.

11-09-10, 02:52
Welcome, just a few hours up the road from you, closer to DC but out in the country. Some of us had a little involvement in RGR and we loved those days, but I assure everyone we are apples and oranges. Do you ever make it to the Baltimore auction?

11-09-10, 04:59
Welcome RobMcRaf

Glad to have you here in the forums and as a listener. Don't be a stranger around here ya'hear!