View Full Version : Nutting's Computer Quiz on CL

09-09-10, 08:57
Check this:

09-09-10, 09:04
Any of you CA guys should jump on this, you will find out in Dec why this game is historical and it is really cool. Had this game not survived as long as it did in the market you might not have ever seen Atari.

09-09-10, 09:45
I would like to nab it, but it's a bit pricey. Maybe for $500 max. What do you think Scott?

09-09-10, 10:39
I have seen them go for $100 to $1000, usually in pretty rough shape, they come up so rarely and are so off beat not many know what they are. They don't necessarily have a tremendous market value, more historical. Maybe offer him $400 and perhaps nobody else is looking? It's not one that will likely get tons of play, it is more a historical marker.

10-09-10, 05:10
Yeah I spotted one for sale in NorCal some time ago and I am sure it was more around the $100-$200 mark and in good condition.