View Full Version : The Star Trek game I played when I was a kid. Or ... well ... a version OF it.

01-09-10, 12:23
The one I actually played was in all ASCII graphics, but this is identical to it in every way, just "prettier".

It's all based around sectors and quadrants and getting rid of the Mongol invasion. Pretty damned fun game once you figure it out, and pretty in depth. My dad used to play this on a teletype machine in college, it would just print out on paper each move you made.

I think the one that *I* played was originally in Basic or something.

The Star Trek game they were referring to on the podcast I honestly don't really remember playing when I was younger, though the cart looks really familiar from the Atari 2600. So I fired up MAME and found it, fuckin' loved it. The only other version of it I've played was on the 2600 with an emulator, and it's a fairly competent port of the game considering the hardware.

But yeah, THIS is (basically) the game I played when I was a kid. :) Have always been terrible at it too. lol


01-09-10, 02:16
Cool, I think I played something similar on my 386 at some point. Another EGA-era PC game I absolutely loved was Empire:



Interestingly enough, this one is also done by Interstel (who made Star Fleet, which I loved on the Apple ][)

The Star Trek arcade game does rock (and the 2600 port is pretty darn good, like you said).

01-09-10, 08:29
I just downloaded the Windows version of that Empire game ... don't even know where to start first with it. lol

Looks a little bit like Civilization or Risk or something like that though.

27-09-10, 12:03
I had the Star Trek 2600 cartridge back in 1981 or so. I think it was only sold by Sears. I don't think it had an official license. It might have been called Stellar Trek.

Don't hold me to anything though. My memory banks have developed bad spots in the last 30 years!

27-09-10, 03:25
I too played the text based Star-Trek games. I still remember how you would issue commands like LRS for long-range-sensors and SRS for short-range and it would print a little table showing who was in your quadrant and neighboring quadrants. Good stuff. The version on my TRS-80 would take advantage of a odd trick in the graphics memory that would cause the screen graphics to shake really fast when you would get hit with a torpedo.

28-12-10, 04:54
I played this on the c64 and totally forgot about it. I remember that when I would get stuck it was fun to self destruct and destroy the entire quad.

27-02-11, 02:25
Does anyone here play Star Trek Bridge Commander?

I know there are lots of mods available to modernize it with updated graphics & sound. I did a quick check, and there were literally thousands of mods.

I just want to update the built-in single-player campaign? Is there any particular mod recommended for this? :BOO