View Full Version : UK Fruit Machines (Also Williams' Reel 'Em In' / Dot-Mation Slots) Emulation

30-08-10, 09:39
Hi there,

As a Brit the fruit machine has always been a big a part of the whole arcade scene as video game cabs and pinball tables. I see UK Mike has one :)

Having enjoyed both MAME and VP for cabs and pinball I', in the process of looking into the Emulation of Fruit Machines on a PC....And - apologies for the pun - my search has been quite fruitful :). I'm gonna give 'em a go.

Anyone else on here emulated fruities or slots?

(On slots I wondered if anyone has emulated WMS slots - such as Reel 'Em In and the mid to late '90's Dot-Mation machines......you know......the ones that killed pinball Grrrrrrrr. I'm be interested in playing them to see what they were like).