View Full Version : UK Fruit Machines (Also Williams' Reel 'Em In' / Dot-Mation Slots) Emulation

30-08-10, 09:33
Hi there,

As a Brit the fruit machine has always been a big a part of the whole arcade scene as video game cabs and pinball tables. I see UK Mike has one :)

Having enjoyed both MAME and VP for cabs and pinball I', in the process of looking into the Emulation of Fruit Machines on a PC....And - apologies for the pun - my search has been quite fruitful :). I'm gonna give 'em a go.

Anyone else on here emulated fruities or slots?

(On slots I wondered if anyone has emulated WMS slots - such as Reel 'Em In and the mid to late '90's Dot-Mation machines......you know......the ones that killed pinball Grrrrrrrr. I'm be interested in playing them to see what they were like).


30-08-10, 10:16
I tried MFME with a view to adding it to my MAME cab but it really isn't mature enough yet and the resolutions are different for most games, making a "standard" setup difficult.

I did find a few games that emulated well but they were few and far between.

I also looked at using an actual anthology type game on my cab instead but that didn't really work out either, but the most important thing is, in game form the whole concept breaks down IMO.

They just don't work because the whole idea is that you are gambling and risking losing your money, but in game form there is no risk, you just hit the add credit button again.