View Full Version : Apogee pack is half off at GOG.com

28-08-10, 06:01
Blake Stone : Aliens of Gold
Blake Stone : Planet Strike
Duke Nukem 3D : Atomic Edition
Duke Nukem : Manhattan Project
Rise of the Triad : Dark War (my personal favorite of the bunch)

All for a meager 15 bucks.

I think you know what to do. ;)


The only ones I don't have are the Blake Stone games ... I "obtained" Aliens of Gold from an abandonware site recently and tried it in DOSBox and it ran like ass. And that's what GOG.com uses to run the old DOS games.

BUT that also the fact that I'm running this stuff on a netbook may have contributed to that. Still, now I'm just gonna buy 'em. I remember playing the shit out of the shareware version when I was younger and loved it.