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21-08-10, 08:03
Well, there was an auction today out in Colton, California and I didn't go. Thanks to a couple of my KLOV buddies who went, they scored me an Afterburner for only $125 and it is supposedly in great shape. Better than the photos they say. They are bringing it to me later tonight. Now where in the hell am I going to put it?

On the downside, the auction was very very small and rumor has it that Super Auctions is not going to be doing any auctions in So Cal any more. I do hope that is just a rumor.

My new Afterburner:


And the sorry auction:


22-08-10, 02:19
Very nice...

Though to be honest, if I had the space and the money, I would go with a cockpit version of the game. But if it's better than what the description and photo says, good find! I would love to get myself a Space Harrier machine one day :)

26-08-10, 03:04
I have a cabaret version of Thunderblade. It's basically Afterburner, but with a helicopter instead. My only problem is the encrypted CPU is dead, so I need to "convert it" to an unencrypted version to play it again.

Or, I can just buy a working Afterburner board and switch over some cabinet graphics.

30-08-10, 10:41
Did you submit this to Tech Questions?