View Full Version : After Burner Climax

21-08-10, 06:35
How did I miss this? I am downloading this weekend. Scott, looks like one you might enjoy too :)


22-08-10, 02:14
I have no idea how you missed it. I get this on the 360 when it was first available on XBLA. Good game too, however I've played the arcade version of this, and I miss being able to use it's awesome gear control where you can pull it all the way back to hit Climax mode. Plus the arcade version I played on had a cockpit that shook, ok it wasn't the deluxe model with the cockpit that actually moves, but I loved how it made you feel turbulence when you go faster and faster. Other than that, is you haven't got access to an arcade near by with it, this is a must have of Yu Suzuki fans!

22-08-10, 03:49
I just picked this up yesterday at an auction for $125. Yu's games are crazy for sure both in gameplay and always in cabinet design. I noticed the default high score list on this has YU at the top spot with like 7,000,000 points.



22-08-10, 04:16
Yeah, I saw that on here http://www.gamegavel.com/forum/showthread.php?t=3328&p=18036#post18036

Awesome find, I wish I had the money and space for one of those! But I need to save the monies for a new PC I'm going to build.