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21-08-10, 04:43
Anyone ever play this? I played it recently at a local arcade party and loved it. I never played it back in the day but now I want one !!


21-08-10, 04:49

That game was and still is epic!

The control scheme requires that you play on the original kit, still... even to this day the graphics and gameplay are stupendous!

21-08-10, 05:11
BTW, if you get one, can you do a film review for us?

21-08-10, 08:00
BTW, if you get one, can you do a film review for us?

It's funny, over the years I've seen quite a few for sales cheap here in So Cal, but I had never played it and never wanted it. Then I played one with original control sticks at someones party and fell in love with it. It is a very fun game and the control scheme is great. Kind of like a top down, raster Battle Zone but mixed with a shooter.

I hope I can find one again out here :)

23-08-10, 06:58
One of my favorite games... I think it was on one of the Playstation compilations years back, I definitely remember owning it, can't remember exactly what the release was though. Played good on a dual shock style pad IIRC.

23-08-10, 08:45
I love that game. Our local Alladin's Castle had it and I almost always put some money in. Great game. I don't think I ever played a home port, but I think it is on one of the PS1 compilations.

24-08-10, 09:44
Here ya go...


Actually a Namco game