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13-08-10, 04:45

13-08-10, 11:19
That thread is just insane! You would swear blood diamonds were involved the way people a reacting over there.

13-08-10, 11:38
Wow. You are not wrong. Thanks for sharing the link.

I'm finding it hard to form a good opinion on this. Part of me says it needed rescuing and Jehuie did the right thing as long as his intentions were honest. But then its countered by the other folks going down the route of contacting owner with a view to doing the same thing via an obviously legal route. Super interesting read either way.

Perhaps one of the highlights being "Good thing it wasn't a Berzerk that was 'rescued'... Then the cops would be after him for Grand Theft Otto." *groan*

13-08-10, 12:35
So let me get this straight: while other people were trying to find a legal way to acquire a rare arcade cabinet. some guy just waltzes into the place and STEALS it?

Very, VERY dirty. I don't care if the property was abandoned, someone owned it (possibly just the bank). The other people who were trying legally to get it were robbed.

13-08-10, 12:57
Thatís about the long and short of it alright. Some of the guys that didnít get it are still trying to get the cops involved so the machine can be returned to the original owner, where they can basically enter into a private bidding war for it.

Iím actually surprised they guy that nabbed it posted anything on the forum. Right or wrong thing to do he would have probably gotten away with it has he kept quiet. It sounds like this will run some more.

13-08-10, 01:00
Technically they weren't ;) No one has claim over the cab other than the original owner, who has definitely been robbed. It's an awkward one, because it's easy to imagine that whilst people were trying to contact the owner, vandals could burn the place down/the local authorities could demolish it for being unsafe/some kids could get in and smash it to bits for fun.

None of that justifies going into a place you don't own and taking property though, even if you could just walk in an take it thanks to missing walls/doors etc.

If you break it down, its like saying its ok to take someones classic car that looks a bit worse for wear because you saw it with the door open and the keys in it. The legal side is pretty clear, its the fact that his motives appear to be to preserve it and not profit . . . but who knows!

13-08-10, 02:04
I call BS on the whole motive being to "preserve a classic game." More like "wanting a rare game." Now yea, its cool to preserve games, especially ones that don't have many copies. but stealing it is flat out wrong. And posting it on a forum? Just doing that makes it obvious the guy just wanted the game for bragging rights more than anything else. Hope this guy goes down in flames to be honest. He gives the rest of the retro game collecting world a bad name.

13-08-10, 04:19
He gives the rest of the retro game collecting world a bad name.

I would say there are many in that thread that fall into that category.

13-08-10, 05:11
Seeing the conduct on other forums makes me proud of our listeners, what a train wreck.

13-08-10, 08:32
I can't believe I spent the last hour reading (OK,skipping!) through that lot. KLOV like Atari Age etc etc is full of so much BS, seriously. I don't know where they get the time from I really don't.

13-08-10, 11:55
The plot thickens - I refreshed the posts and it seems the cops have gotten in contact with the "thief" and he's been told not to discuss it further publicly. Gonna be interesting to see how this one works out.

I'd swear it was an elaborate April Fools joke if it was April.

14-08-10, 04:41
Why does their site have a politics and religion section. Nothing but trouble!