View Full Version : Beast Busters in MAME

08-08-10, 06:22
Hey, I don't know when this happened.... but I just fired up MAME 0.139 and was incredibly happy to discover that Beast Busters has finally been fixed!

I remember for the longest time this game would not work. It's as if the gun was always fixed to the bottom of the screen.


08-08-10, 07:43
Great game, but not better than Op-Wolf :p

08-08-10, 10:49
I remember playing taht, but I don't remember it being called that. Any chance it might have been out under a different name? I remember the cab had a big ol blaster type gun attachement in the arcade I played it in. I remember it being called something like "Blood Panic" or something silly, but that blue guy, wow that brought back memories.

09-08-10, 02:21
I saw that bug too. Thats great. Until now, I only could play the Atari ST version.