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07-08-10, 02:11
An acquaintance of mine, who lives in the Tex-Arkana region, posted this today on another forum:

I hit up the 2 GameStops near me today because I read online that Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey had dropped to $20 used, and that a lot of CAGers were reporting their local stores got in some used complete copies that even had the soundtrack. I hit up both GameStops today in search of this, and guess what? They don't sell DS games with cases any more unless you're buying new. They now sell cart-only, as if they were GBA titles, and they're displayed the same way as the GBA games in the glass case. I told the guy that I only buy my DS games if they're complete, and he replied, "I guess you won't be buying any from GameStop, because they're all doing this."

I haven't been to any of my own local GameStops here in S.C. since the middle of last week. At which point all of the used DS games were still being sold as normal, with whatever they had at the time of trade-in. Planning to go to one where I know the employees tomorrow and see if I can't find out more about this. If true that all the GameStops are going to begin doing this idiocy then the value of complete, or at least in-case, used DS games is bound to nominalize and gradually begin to increase.

07-08-10, 06:50
$5 below retail and no cases, I don't think so guys.

07-08-10, 06:53
Wow, that isn't cool at all. Frankly, I like the cases/manuals better than the games most of the time and without the value add, many people might just as soon pirate rather than buy...

07-08-10, 07:21
Fuck gamespot. They dont want my business or many other peoples apparently.

08-08-10, 01:44
Wow... that's just weird...

Don't they understand value and stuff like that, not to mention that DS boxes are plastic not cardboard! Well from this they won't have many used DS games now, besides, I'll only buy box-less games if they're SNES or Megadrive and generations below it. Generations above should've been looked after and kept well. I wouldn't dare buy a used DS game without it's box, even if it's a card and not a disc, I want the box with it, it's a current system! What next? PS2 discs with no cases? No thanks...

08-08-10, 07:25
Went to my usual GameStop yesterday afternoon. Luckily the store manager, whom I'm acquainted with, was there and available to talk about this.

There is a restructuring in progress of how used DS games are handled. At present these changes have not taken effect in my area though. According to the manager these changes are suppossed to be in full effect nation wide by the end of this month (August).
- Smaller stores will be required to discard (aka trash) everything but the game cartisdge itself of traded in DS games. And will be keeping those bare game cartridges in the locked glass case(s) formerly used to house the used GBA games. I say "formerly" because they will no longer be accepting trade-ins of GBA games.
- Larger GameStop stores, such as the one where I was speaking to the manager of at regarding all this, will only be required to discard manuals of DS games which do not poses the original cases at time of trade-in. The larger stores will retain a reduced size shelving area for used DS games which are complete or at least still have their original case.

08-08-10, 07:53
I might see if I can snag up the bits they want to throw out...

13-08-10, 07:56
Yeah, what do they do, break them in store and throw the case etc?


13-08-10, 11:23
Gamestop sucks, nothing new. I know the manager of my local store, maybe I will see what they are doing with all of them.

14-10-10, 06:18
I told the local Gamestop Manager to his face that he wouldn't be seeing a single used DS sale from me, and since I'm a regular customer, he took it to heart.
Everyone should be writing to their corporate offices and complaining about this, and I might even go as far as to politely suggest to another customer right in the store to buy a game new rather than a copy Gamestop decided to toss the rest of.
My rules of thumb prior to this when purchasing something at Gamestop:
-If I'm buying new, only take a sealed copy. If they've opened it I ask for the shop worn discount or pass on the purchase
-Anything I buy used has to be in it's original case, with instructions, and have a nice looking case

14-10-10, 07:49
This is such a horrible idea. I have taken 360 cases up to buy the used game and they want to give me a generic case, and turned it down. Once I argued with the guy as to why I couldn't have the original case I just brought up to him. Just one more reason I don't shop at gamestop, unless it is buy 2 get 1 free weekend, or I am taking my 9 year old Little Brother in to get some games.

FYI for those who do shop at gamestop, if you buy online and get a generic case and know that a local store has the case, it is store policy that you can exchange for the right case, or return the game out right.

15-10-10, 12:59
Youre always best off selling on ebay you will always make a decent profit. These shops give you so little its terrible!

15-10-10, 01:24
Youre always best off selling on ebay you will always make a decent profit. These shops give you so little its terrible!

More specifically, on Game Gavel, right? :-)

15-10-10, 03:20
Oh I flat out refuse to make any used purchase online from Gamestop because of how they don't guarantee condition.

Went into another Gamestop today and they said that the reason corporate is doing this is to save space and reduce the cost of making up cases. Oh really? Then how about NOT making generic cases in the first place and keep the games with their actual cases alone. You watch, they'll release a brand new version of those multi-game holders to sucker soccer moms into buying to keep the game in.