View Full Version : Pandora: My left nub has died (or better known as tony has only got one ball)

06-08-10, 11:08
I thought i would keep you guys updated with the Pandora, there is good news and there is bad news. First the bad news, whilst playing Super Mario 64 two days ago and i felt a something weird on the nub, i then found that mario was moving about on his own as the nub was not auto centering. I then contacted open pandora ltd, and i asked if i was still under warranty (due to having a one nubber, which was the right hand side), i am still under warranty (wooohooo) and i sent the Pandora off yesterday. Now the waiting begins (again). On to the good news i saw this today for the Pandora, although it is not get released until the end of the month it looks just fantastic:


yes this means Gp2x games to work on the Pandora. wooohoo!!

06-08-10, 11:38
That's really cool that they are going to RMA it for you. I hate it when I have a piece of hardware go bad and your stuck with a half usable system.

07-08-10, 12:17
The customer service is good with the Pandora, but as they are busy at the moment i am guessing it may take a little while before i see my Pandora again. At the chance of sounding really pathetic, i really miss my Pandora.

07-08-10, 12:21
LOL! Hey man, I can understand. I'm like that with my DS. Everytime I forget to charge it my 1.5 hour commute to work becomes a nightmarish hellscape.

07-08-10, 02:11
whilst i am waiting for my *ahem* Panda to return, i am playing Dragon's quest IX on the ds. Really good game, also it takes the sting out of waiting.