View Full Version : Intellivision Lives! DS Commercial

03-08-10, 05:00

03-08-10, 04:46
Is that a genuine ad from the Blue Sky Rangers? it's awesome.

29-11-10, 10:24
Does anyone know if the DS Intellivision Lives is out yet? (I think perhaps I asked this question already but can't seem to find my post!)

I pre-ordered but my order page still shows "Pending".

29-11-10, 11:23
Keith is slowly getting them all signed and shipped. I got mine last week. They should be coming soon. If you don't get by end of this week let me know and I will ask Keith what's up :)

30-11-10, 12:00
Awesome, thanks SoCal... its a little worrying that they don't respond to emails and their number is "out of service" though (tho perhaps that's due to me calling from work - I know some long distance and especially toll free numbers don't connect).

30-11-10, 01:19
I just received mine today. I'll be Astrosmashing tonight!

30-11-10, 02:53
Got mine last week. Number 17/200. Woo Hoo!!!

08-12-10, 10:01
Well, its now Dec 8th and I still didn't get it. Pretty bad - how long does it take to sign 200 games? Worse still - STILL no response from customer support. They really aren't doing themselves any favors.

09-12-10, 01:17
I will contact Keith about it and get back to you.

09-12-10, 08:46
Thanks for the info Mike... I guess it will be my late Christmas gift :)

28-12-10, 02:20
i got #5/200

overall its a good package, but i am a bit annoyed at the bug (heh) in buzz bombers that sticks your spraycan to the flowers.