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02-08-10, 04:46
I was thinking to myself, and couldn't help myselt but notice that there isn't any Game & Watch talk apart from the Game & Watch colletion on the GBC.

Here's 2 of my most beloved and importment games in my collection.


Donkey Kong on the Game & Watch Multi-screen...


What's important about this game is that this was the first EVER game to use a D-Pad. A Revolution at the time, which is now used for almost every console!


Here's Super Mario Bros. Not too special, however there's a Disk-Kun version of this game that was made avaible in Japan that's the rarest G&W game out there!


So... do any of you guys own any Game & Watches? I have the Super Mario Bros 3 Game Watch, a game in a wrist watch, a different piece of kit. But I have no idea where it is.

02-08-10, 06:15
Scott has talked about Game n Watch from time to time, his wife has a ton of them, mostly boxed.

I love the Donkey Kong one you have there and it's one I owned back then and would love to own again.

We do have a top ten Game n Watch on the horizon though so stay tuned for that.

02-08-10, 06:43
That's cool. I've been meaning to get some more. But they can cost as much as consoles these days... Makes me with got a few when they were readly avalible, I know they had these Micro Classics a few years back, but they can't be the same as the real deal right?

I used to have a Snoopy Tennis G&W, but I found it to be a boring pong/breakout clone. Managed to sell it for a handsome amount, and never regreted it either.

03-08-10, 10:24
I am missing only 2 for a complete set. The most expensive two, of course!

03-08-10, 11:15
I never had a game and watch. I had several of the crappy LJN LCD games. I also had a pac man wrist watch game. I've never been able to find pictures of it.

03-08-10, 11:37
I am missing only 2 for a complete set. The most expensive two, of course!

Disk-Kun Super Mario Bros and Bomb Squad Panarama-Screen?

04-08-10, 12:07
????? Do you mean Crystal Mario and Marios Bombs Away?

04-08-10, 12:38
????? Do you mean Crystal Mario and Marios Bombs Away?

Mario's Bombs Away, that sounds right, that's the panarama game where you pass bombs right?

As for Crystal Mario Bros, I thought Disk-Kun Super Mario Bros was worth more because there were only 100 made or something because they were competition prizes?

04-08-10, 02:08
Oh yeah but thats not part of the actual "range" of 59 official releases... it gets called "number 60" Bizarrely I find that easier to get than Crystal Balloon Fight (one I need) which is consistently "ludicrous price". My other need is Flagman. Again, crazy prices for a nice example.

04-08-10, 08:02
This thread is so awesome! It's exactly the kind of stuff I've always wanted to see in Game Gavel. too bad I don't have any game and watch stuff. Didn't they make a popeye game and watch? I always loved that arcade machine. I think that's the one I'd look out for.

04-08-10, 09:30
Here is a great site that has photos of all the G&W units and it explains the various product lines too, as it always is a little confusing to me.


04-08-10, 10:14
Yes they did, in the Widescreen series, quite an easy one to get and a lot of fun (as are they all!)

I should try to get some pics of my collection - they're all in the UK at present but I'll be back at Christmas to take inventory in my game-dump (ahem... sorry... parents attic!)

05-08-10, 06:42
I have legend of zelda game and watch, donkey kong 2 and donkey kong boxed, and my girlfriend has just bought me for my birthday the Japanese version of mickey and donald (boxed) i plan on taking a photo of my collection, as soon as my birthday gets here (and i get my grubby hands on Mickey and donald). I have a couple of nintendo vs (donkey kong hockey and donkey kong 3) burger time (these are all unboxed) an odd one by vtech called rabbit hop triple screen it was called battling bunny in the uk and was made by innovations electronics, and a lot more.

05-08-10, 12:29
or you could go here and play some game and watch simulators:


03-10-10, 11:11

here is my collection of handheld games/game and watch

04-10-10, 02:18
Ive never owned one of these unique rare gadgets. They look cool indeed. i did play the g&w gallery on the gameboy was pretty impressed with the twitch style gameplay. I might fire up the emulator and play some more!

05-10-10, 09:32
Game & Watch units are really nice collectables that’s for sure. A friend of mine bought a few of the popular ones a while back and I have to say they stood up to the test of time surprising well. I only ever had a Pac-Land (http://www.handheldmuseum.com/Namco/Pac.htm) game some Parachute knock offs (I think they where called Submarine and UFO).

05-10-10, 12:18
I am starting to get a small collection of boxed ones Game and Watch games now, and there really is an extra element to the collecting with the box. My gf bought be a Mickey and Donald for my birthday, i opened the box and the handheld was immaculate it was like no one had used it, it had all the instructions, just one sticker missing, i was quite impressed. Pac-Land wasn't a bad game on handheld, i still play it from time to time, i think it is more of a nostalgia trip for me, i get to play the games i owned way back then, and owned some of the games i wanted back then to.

16-10-10, 06:12
I would absolutely love a Legend of Zelda Game and Watch.

Right now I have some of the collections that were released on the GBC and GBA. I've also got the DS one that was exclusive to Club Nintendo.

16-10-10, 07:00
I like LCD games in general, I'm just not going to pay the insane prices of some of these because I don't get them to collect them. I get them to play them. And I refuse to pay heaven knows how much money for an LCD version of Mario or Donkey Kong. heh