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29-07-10, 12:08
Yup, I've been listening to the show since December '09, and I love it. I love the fact that there's 3 fully grown men who take up their spare time on skype and make a podcast about retro games, heh.

Compared to Scoot, SoCal, and UKMike, I'm a baby since I'm 26, I was born during the gaming crash. Now bare in mind I was born in the UK, and as UKMike mentioned in ep. 21, it didn't really "crash" here, it migrated to micro computers.

The First video game I ever played was the Atari Star Wars at the Caster Haven Holiday park, just knowing that you could pilot an X-Wing made me diddy with joy when I was 5 years old thinking that I was playing it (when I wasn't) going through the Death Star trenches, before actually playing it for real and losing bad, heh. On the same holiday I played a bit of Sky Kid, Karate Champs and some racing game that looked a bit like Rad Racer on the NES that for some reason was glitching up and I remember the owner of the arcade screaming at to get out of the seat (it was a sit-down cockpit style cab) and being very scared of him.

My first system was a C64, my dad comes home one night with a C64 in a bin-bag with 100s, and I really mean that, 100s of games, which I don't even think I got around to playing them all. The first game I played on it was P.O.D. : Proof of Destruction (http://www.c64.com/games/no-frame.php?showid=1360&searchfor=proof&searchfor_special=&from=0&range=10), now you're saying to yourself, "Wait I heard that somewhere...", yeah, UKMike mentioned Proof of Destruction for the Gizmondo, which was a remake in the C64 game that Shaun Southern made. I haven't played the Gizmondo version yet, but I would love to since the C64 game was mad and trippy since it had graphics like a C64 version of Microsoft Media Player visualisations.

After that I got my GameBoy:GB, which I mentioned in the GB top 10 thread.

Anyways, I should stop blabbering too much about my gaming history. In the Present day I own a big collection of about 900 games, spreading across NES to PS3 and including PC, and that doesn't include the hundreds of tapes I have for the C64, heh. For those interested, check out my IGN list... (

29-07-10, 09:17
Hello and welcome, though I believe you're under the wrong impression. We are not all fully grown men.

Apart from that though you're spot on.

29-07-10, 04:05
Yeah were all pretty much perpetual teenagers for the most part. It seems that the majority of our incoming listeners that join the forums and other media are UK, and might I add Team America, that they are the lions share of donations to fund this show as well...... Glad to have such a following in the UK and Europe, it brings a great deal more to our show. As for the crash, we also migrated to computers with the C64 being huge during that era but for us it was different because we had been into computing since the Apple II and Pet, and had already been running the C64 for about two years so the PC thing was running parallel to the consoles. Consoles were such a huge stand alone market though that when the crash occurred in the console and arcade world we still saw it as a crash even though we had PCs still. And when consoles returned with the NES PCs stayed strong but we were very happy to have consoles back.

29-07-10, 07:23
Yeah we've had some good donations recently with Ireland and Australia chipping in too.