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20-07-10, 03:01
I got an email that went hand in hand with "one of those days" so I thought I should share this with the listeners.

For the last year I have had about 6 of my games inaccessible because I had two wings from a plane I am building stuck in the arcade. And some games I play daily (60 in 1 in a Mrs Pac) and others here and there. As I am both planning an arcade party for October with an October fest theme and trying to catch up on maintenance it was high time to get to work. Now keep in mind some games I played a year ago, and some a week ago, owning 20~40 year old games is always full of surprises. I powered up all games and found;

In the Videos I found:
Moon Patrol had no audio, last played a few weeks ago.
Mappy; dead monitor, will pull out in the AM to diagnose
Space Invaders; stick left button ( simple clean and clear deal)

KISS; General Illumination out

Juke; Network not working (router, cable?)

Funny thing about collecting, when you reach a certain size and range you have a box or two a week showing up from the arcade and pinball suppliers, you become an operator or arcade attendant. Time to put on my technician hat.

20-07-10, 04:06
Sounds like you have some adventure ahead. I bet that this is one of your favorite parts of the hobby from listening to you in the podcasts... the proper care and feeding of an arcade.

20-07-10, 05:41
Time to put on my technician hat.

It's a simple fix, probably just a fuse. (can you tell I get all my arcade machine fix it advice off of Craigslist?):CRZY:

20-07-10, 06:47
BWAHAHAHAHAH It is always just a fuze