View Full Version : Pics of California Extreme 2010

19-07-10, 06:10
CAX was a great show again this year - and heres some pics to prove it!

First, some cell phone pics of setting up on Friday and some assorted pics from the show on Saturday. Note the pic of the guy playing Space War - yes, thats the games creator, Steve Russell, playing his baby!


And secondly some better pics from the show on Saturday night / Sunday morning.



20-07-10, 03:09
Thanks for sharing. It killed me to miss CAX this year. That TRON Atari Video Pinball looks killer! Did you play it?

20-07-10, 03:50
No I didn't - I was taking pics and thought I'd go back later then when I did, it was turned off. Then again I actually didn't see anyone playing it so maybe it was for viewing purposes only. It sure was a work of art though, it looked much better "in the flesh" then on the pics. I heard that Rich from This Old Game built it and made all the art. Very very cool. I did play a little Atari Video Pinball though and that was a blast, its now on my hit list :)

20-07-10, 04:13
Ya, I sold a beautiful Atari Video Pinball last year. That is one I wish I could have back :(

21-07-10, 12:20
Dude, stop selling great games... hoard! Tempest, Video Pinball, whats next? Not the Max-A-Flex, please tell me you won't :)

23-07-10, 03:27
I just saw video and pictures of California Extreme. Boy, that looks like heaven right there. I wish once in my life I get to visit that expo.

It's a shame that it's not held in LA, that would give me and my family an excuse to go down there, and also visit those great theme parks. Being in Santa Clara, there's not much to do, unless we plan a trip to San Francisco, but then again, I don't know that it's a place that 5 year olds might find fun.

23-07-10, 05:57
Well literally right across the street from the convention is Great America which is a rather awesome theme park - your kids will love it, I know ours did!
Then about an hour or an hour and a half north is Six Flags. Plenty to do while you're gaming :)

23-07-10, 09:12
@ Flare Ya, you have to make it at least once. I missed it this year because of being out of town the two weekends following it - Monroeapalooza and CGE. There is a pretty large amusement part right near the CAX hotel though - http://www.cagreatamerica.com/ and San Franciso is a cool place to visit too.