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09-07-10, 07:49
Preview of All Points Bulletin
By Ashley Wolf

The allure of All Points Bulletin is strong. A game famed for it’s cops versus robbers theme, large-scale gameplay, customization, and massive multiplayer online ability is very appealing. The customization is pretty epic. I expected to be able to alter every little feature myself by the promo videos, but it turns out the customization is a list of preset choices. But APB definitely gives more options for customizing than most MMO games. You could end up spend hours working on character display, weapon customization, vehicle, and symbols. If you have not already checked out a video of the in-game customization and gameplay, then alt-tab and do so immediately.

Despite all of the appealing aspects of the game, it’s a fresh MMO that seems to be in need of some major bug and patch fixes. As one of my best friends said, “They should have named it All Points Broken”. Now I might not go as far to say that, but it definitely needs a major patch to fix these seemingly constant bug issues.

The Gameplay
You start out the game by choosing a faction: Enforcers or Criminals. After an introductory video you have the option of choosing to go to a PVP District or Social District (Non-PVP). If you go to the social district you can work on customizing your character and features of the game. If you go into the PVP district you start the real gameplay.
In the PVP district you receive missions that can be completed solo (which is harder or in groups. You can either make a group with friends to complete these missions, find random people on the server, or invite people from your clan. You will face a group of the opposing faction. Something really cool about the gameplay is you can go into a car with your group and get out of the windows to shoot people.
You can kill NPCs (bystanders) and bring your notoriety (threat level) up sending higher ranked opposing faction members after you. You utilize the large map to complete your missions and kill the enemies. The in-game voice chat is mediocre at the moment. You can speak to people in your group and all players around you can hear you as well. But it needs a little work.

Some negatives about the game:
The game becomes repetitive after the introduction. You end up pressing “F” to do about every action in the game. You press f to climb fences, f to open doors, f to break into cars, and f to interact with NPCs. The missions are very repetitive, and the matching Player vs. Player system seems unbalanced as of now.

Which brings to my next point, APB has an in-game auction house, which allows the player to spend either APB dollars, or real life currency to buy high-level in-game weapons. I think this in-game auction house eliminates the skill and time required to unlock weapons and achievements in the game by allowing players to buy higher ranked weapons at an early stage of the game. When you are matched up against these players, which can be often, it make take you 1-2 clips to kill them and they can snipe you or 2 shot you. It can be very frustrating at times.

Aside from all these problems, if RealTime Worlds launched a major patch to fix the bugs in the game, this game has great potential. It can be a fun game to play with a group of friends for a few hours. But it’s single player content lacks, especially if you get grouped with people who are not sure how to play.