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07-07-10, 10:58
Looks like there is another gadget to add to the shopping list ! The specs look a little low so not sure how interested I am.


"News from Korea - The Gp2x family gets a new member the Caanoo! Preorders opening soon!

Create your games and share it with the world, this will all be made possible by Game Park Holding's New Console - Caanoo.

With more RAM and a larger display, you can power up your creations. And with the added Vibration Motor and the G-sensor, you can add all those new dimensions to puzzle solving and combats.

The networking and sharing platform is still the main attraction of the console. Make use of the Wi-Fi connectivity and log on to the Internet, once you have access, you can enjoy your online game with anyone and everyone. The first online game for the Caanoo, "Blood Cross" is currently in development.

Besides logging into online games, you can grab any content you want, such as applications and stand-alone games, off the FunGP, an online application store.

The FunGP is not just a shop, it distributes Software Development Kits (SDK) and tutorials. The site will provide you with game development support and settle the sales remittance matters.

You can put your work on the site and earn money. If gaming is your dream, you can try your hand at it here. The site will be opened in August 2010, be sure to visit it.

The multimedia jukebox and the E-reader functions that exist in the Wiz are still available on the new console, so what you could do with the Caanoo's ancestors, you could do it with that Caanoo and even more!

The console is expected to come at the end of August, more information on it will be released in the next few weeks, so please stay tuned. Preorders are expected to start in June

GP2X Caanoo Game System KOR N/A

Here are the specifications of the console:

CPU ARM9 533MHz + 3D GPU
Internal memory 2GB
Display 3.5 LCD 320*240
External memory SD/SDHC
Sensor Vibration Motor / G-Sensor
Dimension 146(w) x 70(h) x 18.5(d)mm
Weight 136g
OS Linux
Game Open Platform
Video MPEG4, Xvid, Divx
Audio OGG, WAV
E-book TXT
Flash Flash Lite2.1
Network Wi-Fi

Now that the Caanoo is in production stage, the GP2X Wiz will no longer be manufactured. We still have a limited supply of the GP2X Wiz Consoles in our warehouse, grab one before they are all gone:"

08-07-10, 01:39
Ewwww analog joystick again :S, no d pad, looks quite chunky, i think i will wait for reviews.

08-07-10, 08:18
Don't do it my man. Don't do it. My screen crapped out in my wiz in under a week, and depending on who you order from (gp2xstore.com), they won't bother upholding their warrenty for repairs.

I'll never buy a GPH product again.

09-07-10, 02:46
The emulation scene is so confusing. Do I Dingoo?

I had a Wiz, I sold it, it was GARBAGE. The tearing on the screen was UNACCEPTABLE!

09-07-10, 12:40
The emulation scene is so confusing. Do I Dingoo?

I had a Wiz, I sold it, it was GARBAGE. The tearing on the screen was UNACCEPTABLE!

Hey, if you check my youtube channel out at www.youtube.com/sentinelcl, I have a playlist that's a long, detailed review of the Dingoo a320. I think all the videos add up to about 40 minutes. It includes stuff on TV-Out, stock firmware, hacked firmware (Dingux) and tons of different emulators. Just be careful of the fragile screen if you get one!

12-07-10, 09:10
I don't get the Caanoo's point, honestly. I would have liked to have seen it with a tiny keyboard to better emulate computers, a la the Pandora. That would have made it a more intriguing device. Right now, it's the same old, same old, in a very crowded field, including a field with GP's own prior devices that all do pretty much the same thing.

17-07-10, 08:09
The emulation scene is so confusing. Do I Dingoo?

I had a Wiz, I sold it, it was GARBAGE. The tearing on the screen was UNACCEPTABLE!

I really liked the Dingoo, in fact i liked the Dingoo so much that i bought one for a friend at work so she could play sonic, metal slug etc. My Nephew, my brother and my cousin all got a Dingoo for there brithday's from me, which they all love and they take them into work/college and show them off. There is also an easier method of making the Dingoo into the Dingux (putting linux on a Dingoo) which opens up mame4all and a load of emulators and games for the Dingoo. Great little handheld, just err don't try and run the playstation 1 emulator on lol the engines cannae take it captain.

17-07-10, 08:19
I don't get the Caanoo's point, honestly. I would have liked to have seen it with a tiny keyboard to better emulate computers, a la the Pandora. That would have made it a more intriguing device. Right now, it's the same old, same old, in a very crowded field, including a field with GP's own prior devices that all do pretty much the same thing.

GPH have known about the Pandora for ages now, and well they really have not made the effort to change there design at all or to even compete with the Pandora. Me, personally i would love to see some competition for the Pandora, i am not talking mobile phones(i do not consider mobile phones adequate for gamining and i have an iphone)or netbooks but within the handheld and emulation community, there is nothing i would love to see more than people that love emulation know what they want from a device, know what the people want, and design and create something that is for the people. Unfortunatley GPH has failed on this(jeez it is not like there is no forum they could talk to people about what they want) and other than the GPH fan boys out there (they know who they are from the forums), i cannot imagine this taking off....but i have been wrong before ;)

18-07-10, 07:34
It looks like they are going to sell it at $149 US dollars. I have bought most of their other products but I think I will skip this one. As bill and lestat have said above it just seems the same as before with nothing new and exciting. I quite fancy buying something new and exciting but this isn't it !

19-07-10, 02:19
Sounds like a wise choice you made there CargoRunner, have you got a dingoo? if you haven't here is the place i usually buy my dingoo's from:


They are 56.15 or $81.10 free shipping, they do take a while to get here, but they do get to the uk in the end.

Or if you want the wait there is always the Pandora. I have one of these machines and it is pretty awesome, for me it was worth the wait. The Pandora is on the second batch pre-orders now so if you want one get in there.


30-09-10, 02:53
I've just ordered a Caanoo :)

I toyed with buying this, a used 2000 series PSP or waiting and spending a bit more on the Pandora. I decided to go for this as my main love is Vertical Scrolling shooters, so the control config appealed to me. The Pandora looks awesome, but I honestly don't think I would play anything that required a lot of keyboard use whilst on the go. If I am on a long trip my laptop would be with me anyway, so I would use that instead.

I ordered it from Gameseek (UK) as I used to have a GP2X which I ordered from them, the 1st one I got had a couple of dead pixels so I returned it and they replaced it within a few days.

If you already have a Wiz/Dingoo or a modded PSP - then there probably isn't much point in switching to a Caanoo but as a first handheld I think this is a good choice.

I'll report back when I have it in my hands and share my views on it.

30-09-10, 03:30
I am def in the market for a new emu handheld so let us all know your impressions.

05-10-10, 12:45
My Caanoo arrived on Saturday - Haven't had alot of time to play about with it, but have been very impressed so far.

Will do a proper run through soon.

The main concern before buying it was the analogue stick, fortunately it feels great and works really well (it is a click-able button too). The screen looks superb and there is no noticeable blur during gameplay.

I charged it and have only had 3-4 hours to play on it so far and the battery is still going strong, so the reports of 5 or so hours use seem to be accurate.

Despite the very quick and dirty ports of some of the emulators (Mame4all is just a direct wiz port with little optimisation...it still says wiz on the game select page) - things are running well. Being able to play games vertically thanks to the button layout is awesome, being a fan of scrolling shooters this is a massive plus for me. Some titles in mame have slowdown when you wouldn't expect it to struggle but this is being sorted and is down to Mame4all being an early port and will be fixed in the next version (apparently :) )- overclocking will be available in the next firmware too.

Picodrive (megadrive/genesis emulator) has handled everything I have tried flawlessly and I am now addicted to Truxton again :) The Atari 2600 and colecovision emulators are excellent, as are the Amstrad CPC and ZX Spectrum ones.

NES emulation is a bit ropey at the moment but again it shouldn't be long before things like this are sorted.

You can see the current list of available software here ttp://dl.openhandhelds.org/cgi-bin/caanoo.cgi (http://dl.openhandhelds.org/cgi-bin/caanoo.cgi).

I can 100% recommend it for anyone looking for a retro gaming handheld. I'm very pleased with it :D I'll try to get a proper review written with some pics/vid and post it here.

05-10-10, 01:44
I really want to like this. Ahhhhh.....lack of a d-pad is a biiiig problem for me though. Darn!

05-10-10, 02:24
I really want to like this. Ahhhhh.....lack of a d-pad is a biiiig problem for me though. Darn!

It was my biggest concern when deciding too. It has not bothered me in the slightest though, its a good stick! There is a poll/discussion about it on the forum if that helps http://www.gp32x.com/board/index.php?/topic/56796-i-want-to-buy-it-but-i-have-questions-about-the-analog-stick/

You can also plug USB gamepads into it . . not sure that is the best solution if you use it on the go though!

12-11-10, 12:49
I've got one of these coming to me in a couple of days. White, as a replacement for my beloved white GP32blu+. My GP2X F100 never really did it for me, and the Wiz was flawed by all accounts. The Dingoo sounds little finicky for my personal tastes. Pandora is too much like a computer. My PSP is modded and runs a 32gb card fullllll of games and emus, and it does a great job.
But nothing ever came close to the GP32. So I'm hoping this will. Sounds like it's the one.

I'll let you guys know what I think of it.

12-11-10, 09:17
How does its battery life compare to the PSP?

12-11-10, 07:25
I'm still waiting on GPH to get my Wiz back to me. I had to ship it to Korea since GP2XStore.com refused to communicate with me about my warrentee, thankfully GPH said they would repair it for free after seeing pictures of the screen I e-mailed them. The problem being, I had to ship the thing to Korea. I'm worried about customs in both countries to be honest, really hoping I get my Wiz back repaired though. I went ahead and took the risk to ship it, cause the thing does me no good with a busted screen!

I think the Caanoo might be good for someone who doesn't want to spend 350+ dollars for a handheld, plus waiting months for it to come in. I'll still be using my tax check for a Pandora, but hopefully will have a repaired Wiz to bide my time with til my Pandora comes in. I just want the extra features and power the Pandora offers (once again, Quake 3 on the go sounds FANTASTIC!)

But for those only wanting to spend 150+, so far the Caanoo looks like it may very well be OK. They fixed a lot of the issues the Wiz had (although honestly the Wizs shortcomings didn't bother me, and most emus didn't have the screen tearing other than the Sega one which was fixed later).

16-11-10, 05:07
I got mine in the post yesterday, from www.dingoo-digital-usa.com. It was $140 + postage. Charged it up (it was already partially charged), popped in a 8gb SDHC and it formatted it nicely, creating the folder structure for me. Didn't register it, as I only want it for emulation.

I threw on Mame4All and had at it.


It's very nicely made. Feels a LOT higher quality than my GP2X(f100) or my GP32 (blu+). Nice solid feel, nothing loose, even the wee covers over ports slide in and out properly. It feels very Sony.

Screen is beautiful. Not quite as perfect as my PSP (fat) but very very nice. The cover does very slightly conceal the top one or two scanlines. It's the only issue I can find with the Caanoo.

Buttons are all good. They come to hand easily. The shoulder buttons feel a little tight but will loosen up with play I'm sure.

Now to the real question: what's the stick like? I've always considered the GP32 to have the best stick of any hand held device, ever. It's microswitched, and perfect. The GP2X was a real disappointment, even after having at it with a dremel. The PSP is ok for everything but emulation of some older games.
The Caanoo's stick is great. It's a concave thumb-sized disc on a ball, and feels nice and accurate. I'd prefer a top-notch joy-pad, or microswitches like the GP32, but this is by far the best GPH have come out with. It feels great.

So to my carefully controlled lab-testing.

Amidar: No missed corners at all.
Targ: Same.
Gyruss: Never went in a direction I didn't want it to. Music was perfect.
Truxton: Never got held up. No slowdown when it got busy.
Zaxxon: The only cock-ups were on my part.

So after a very quick first impression I can recommend it. GPH have learned from their various mistakes of the past. This thing feels like what they've been building up to over the course of the GP32 (nlu, flu, blu, blu+), GP2X (f100, f200) and Wiz.

17-11-10, 02:08
The GP2X seemed like a real dog. Does anyone put faith in these guys anymore?

17-11-10, 04:22
I'll admit, I lost faith after being an early adopter of the GP2X. I loved my GP32 sooo much that I figured the GP2X had to be better. It was, a hell of a lot better, but the controller SUCKED. So I felt burned, and held back through the F200 and Wiz eras. And I'm glad I did.

But the more I learnt about reactions from end users to the Caanoo, the more it reminded me of the GP32. That's why I got one, and I can tell you, they got this one right. The only issue, and it's a small one, is the bezel slightly covering the top of the screen. Otherwise I just cannot find fault with it. It's like they took Sony/Apple lessons or something, it really is that nice to use.

30-01-11, 04:34
Well, I went ahead and finally bought a WIZ through ThinkGeek. I just had to pull the trigger on something and mainly used all the youtube reviews to help make my decision. I have my SD card already to go :) I paid extra for overnight shipping so should be here by Tuesday.

03-02-11, 06:30
The Wiz is pretty impressive. I've had one for quite a while and I really like it. Mame runs pretty well on it, as do a lot of the other emulators. But the Amiga emulation is especially good.

It does a really good Intellivision emulation too, once you figure out how to map all of the buttons and save them in game-specific profiles. I like playing Tron Deadly Discs on it.

I also have an older GP2X F-100 MK2 (2nd version of the first model of GP2X). The screen and general horsepower improvements they've made to the Wiz since the early days of the F-100 are pretty significant. My only real regret with it is that they almost made the Wiz too small. I have fairly large hands and the original GP2X was a lot easier to hold for long periods of time. You get used to it after a while though, and the other improvements are more than worth it.

07-03-11, 08:50
My Caanoo is continuing to impress me. It's such a nice clean design. It's just that silly bezel that's a downer, but considering GP screw something up royally with every single console it's pretty minor. I expect with time devs will start to offer a way around it anyway.

The Vectrex emulator got updated yesterday, and supports overlays and overclocking now. Ginge has brought me Atari ST emulation, so Stunt Car Racer is my first port of call.

It's early days yet, but thus far it's following every previous GP console - devs start to support each other, forum posts increase, menus start to look similar to each other etc. Should be all good for a decent lifespan.

Oh yeah the battery life is bloody good too.

19-03-11, 01:29
Sounds great! I'm sticking with my PSP/Wiz combo for now, but I can see me getting a caanoo at some point.

24-03-11, 07:22
Well I like my Wiz, Dingoo, and Caanoo! I like the bigger screen on the Caanoo even if not as sharp as my WIZ.