View Full Version : Need some suggestions for a pinball related podcast to listen to.

02-07-10, 02:17
I've cut down on the number of podcasts I listen to (like, there's no need to listen to 3 different podcasts all talking about the Xbox 360. And it's really annoying when a new Halo or Call of Dut or music game comes out) and there's room for something different.

So does anyone have any suggestions on a pinball related podcast to listen to? I'm not that worried about the hardware aspect of it, I'm more worried about the games themselves ... although with something like pinball I'm fully aware that the way the hardware works MAKES the game. Like, is there a podcast that talks about <insert name of pinball game here> in the same level as a video game podcast would talk about a video game?

If there is, I wanna know about that one. :)

02-07-10, 03:09
Topcast, our friends over there produce the finest pinball cast in my opinion. And do yourself a favor and order their videos. http://marvin3m.com/top/top7fast.htm

DL shows at http://www.marvin3m.com/topcast/

02-07-10, 11:19
TOPcast is the only one I even know of. If you happen to run across another quality one, please post.

02-07-10, 11:46
The Silverball is supposed to be good and they are sat on my iPod but I haven't listened to them yet.


02-07-10, 04:03
Spooky pinball is another one that just started a couple months ago.

spooky pinball (http://www.spookypinball.com/SPOOKY-PINBALL-PODCAST.html)

14-07-10, 10:16
Listened to the episode of TOPCast with Dan Forden ... ifgured I'd start off with a name I could recognize ... and damn is that guy boring. lol

But the one with Pat Lawlor more than made up for it. Starting the podcast from the beginning now. :P