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16-06-10, 12:41
I am taking my MAME cab to a local retro gaming event. I can switch the hard drive very easily to install a new set of games on the machine. At the moment I just have the old mega classics on my cab. pacman, asteroids, invaders etc.

The classics are good for the casual crowd but the more hardcore retro fan may be looking for the less well know titles, the great games that few people played, something new for them to try. I want to set up a 2nd hard drive and be able to switch during the event depending on the crowd.

I am going to re-listen to Mike's "It Came From Mame" but does anybody else have any recommendations for the games I should show at the event ? If you were going to an event, what games would you love to see or play ?

Thanks !

16-06-10, 02:43
Do you have dual controls?

Some good multiplayer games always go down well.

Bomberman has proven to be popular where I've seen it.

16-06-10, 05:43
Outside of the obvious stuff ... the old Star Trek vector graphics game is pretty cool in my opinion (with a surprisingly good Atari 2600 port). Hell ... ANY of the vector graphics games. :)

NBA Jam : Tournament Edition appeals to damn near everyone, even non sports people ... although it depends on the specs for the computer in the cab as to whether or not it'll run well.

Undercover Cops is a great beat 'em up, and along with that pretty much any of the Capcom CPS1 and 2 games. TMNT and The Simpsons of course.

Maybe stick the arcade version of Ninja Gaiden on there for people who may not have ever seen it since it's so drastically different from the NES version. Of course I'm going to say Bad Dudes because I friggin' love that game. :P Karate Champ ...

Racing games ... Outrun is fairly obvious. Power Drift is pretty damn cool. Hard Drivin', Afterburner, S.T.U.N. Runner.

And some of those puzzle games or whatever. I personally like Puzzle Bobble or whatever the official name of it (shoot and bust the bubbles). Maybe stick that Puzzle Fighter game on there. Don't know much there because I'm more into messin' people up than puzzle games.

I know that's a pretty typical list and not exactly the answer, but if I was at an event like that and I saw those games I'd be on that sucker in a heartbeat. :)

And, depending on whether or not you run it on Windows or Linux, you could stick DOSBox on there and get the joystick(s) configured in that somehow and stick some of the more obscure or just flat out good DOS games on there as well like the original Duke Nukem games, Major Stryker is an awesome shmup that's freeware now I think ... Tyrian, etc etc.

18-06-10, 02:49
Just have to mention a few of my favorites: Sinistar, Rastan, Black Tiger, and Street Fighter II: Championship Edition.

18-06-10, 05:05
Quantum! Perhaps the best game available!

18-06-10, 10:52
Thanks guys. I am having great fun trying all these games out. I will let you know what is the most popular games on the day. I will try and run some high score challenges and post the results. Let's see how the forum compares to the general public !

19-06-10, 12:29
Some of my favorite, less well-known games (at least here in the states) are: Pooyan, Tutankham, Mr. Do's Wild Ride, Astro Blaster, Blasted, TROG, Chicken Shift, Circus Charlie

07-07-10, 11:07
I am not sure if anyone can help with this one. I am running DOS mame and ArcadeOS as the front end menu. Is there a way that I can get a count of how many times each game has been run ? At first I thought i would just ask people to write down what they were playing. But in reality that isn't going to work. I would love to know what games were the most popular during the event.

08-07-10, 08:54
I know some frontends (Mala certainly) monitor usage rather than MAME doing it but I don't think ArcadeOS does.