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07-06-10, 01:51
Hi All,

I just caught up on a year+ worth of RetroGaming Roundup goodness. My donation is in and I would encourage everyone to do the same - it's time consuming to put these shows together and any volunteer effort of this magnitude should be rewarded with a little cabbage!

I'm from just south of Boston, MA and in 1979 my local roller-skating rink got their first few arcade games. Since I wasn't particularly good with wheels on my feet and at 10 years of age wasn't interested in girls, I spent my roller-skating money on Space Invaders. Oh how I loved thee! A year later I found myself at a summer beach location with a small food joint called "Gunnies" (at Gunrock Beach) and they had exactly two cabs: Pac Man and a Galaxian. What a great summer! That year (1980) I got the Atari 2600 VCS for Christmas - I'm fortunate enough to have a couple of polaroid pics of me opening the BIG box!

Anyway, enough for the intro... I'm 41 and probably my story is like many of yours... I go to the local yard sales every week to rescue classic video game consoles (I'm more a console guy than an arcade guy - but love both). I've rescued no fewer than 21 Atari 2600 consoles and cared for them (unlike their previous owners who let dust build up on them and put them out on the front lawn for $2 -- these things have feelings you know!!).

I'll just wrap up this short intro with some pics:

Here is my current Atari 2600 setup:

And my NES collection:

Here is my man cave down stairs... it's nicer now with a custom arcade seat and a nice blue area rug that cordons off my 6x9 slide of perfection:

And here I am last month at my trek to the FunSpot Arcade up in NH (about 2.5 hours north of me):



07-06-10, 02:16
Thanks Wave,

Glad to know you aren't sick of us yet :) Did you power through the shows in record time or have you been a listener the past year or so? Love the looks of your collection and Man Cave too. Hope you will be a regular here in the forums.


07-06-10, 02:20
Top notch collections there! Just a suggestion, if your a console guy at heart but want some arcade exposure in your collection look into the Nintendo Playchoice 10. If your not familiar, it runs regular NES games on special hardware in an arcade cab. You can use up to 10 games on the board and it is a really cool double monitor setup, one for instructions and menus and the other for the game itself. Welcome to the show!

07-06-10, 02:34
Thanks Wave,

Glad to know you aren't sick of us yet :) Did you power through the shows in record time or have you been a listener the past year or so?
I just found your fantastic 'cast about a month ago. So I listened to ... oh... I'm guessing about 60+ hours in the past month. I look forward to my commute in the mornings now ;)

Scott: I've a friend with a Playchoice-10. Good stuff... In my man-cave I've got an NES hooked up at all times (along with a 7800, Intellivision, Colecovision and Sega Master System)... so I'm pretty well covered. The beautiful TVs and all the arcade conrollers, consoles and gamepads are all from thrift stores, yard sales or the local junkyard (including the PCs running MAME and my Laser Disc Emulator) - total cost of everything is well under $100. Hell... I just spent $50 on a nice rug for my old feet - that represents more than half my total outlay for my setup! Retro doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg ;)


07-06-10, 03:36

Nice setup. I Hope you are better at darts than I am. That TV would have some dart shaped holes in it by now :)