View Full Version : That crazy 32 page thread on AtariAge.

04-06-10, 01:00
I just got through reading it. Took bloody ages, and I feel slightly violated, but it was worth it.

I have one question. WTF?

To drive away Owen Rubin and Nolan Bushnell through flaming is so far out of left field that I'm still trying to make sense of it.

I can see that some shut-ins might be beyond-anal about correctly collating the history of the company. That's a given. And it's good that some folk care enough to publish such stuff for the rest of us to enjoy.

But to attack someone for having (probably) incorrect memories about something that happened 35 years ago, and that you yourself were no part of, that's just a damn shame. And a sad sad waste of what could have been, had Owen and Nolan stayed.
I feel sorry for the other forum members - they were really stoked to be graced by such legends.

Crazy thread. If you haven't checked it out yet, put aside a few hours.

Thanks for the heads-up on it.

04-06-10, 01:57
I agree. Regardless of what happened, some things should remain between the individuals involved. The gaming industry would not be what it is today if not for Nolan.

04-06-10, 02:07
Especially given the bacchanalian reputation of Atari in the 70s... I'm surprised Nolan remembers he worked there at all!

04-06-10, 01:15
Some people think that they are gods on the net. The whole "internet is serious business" thing.

04-06-10, 02:09
"bacchanalian" Word of the day there.

04-06-10, 03:31
Thanks for the summary - I didn't come close to making it through the whole thing, I just poked in from time to time. Kind of embarassing, and a real shame for most Atari Age members because I was pretty excited when Nolan first joined the forums.

One more case of a few d**heads ruining it for the rest of us. :'(