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01-06-10, 07:07
I guess i might be in the minority here as an XBox 360 owner AND a retro gamer.

The RGR hosts answered a listener question about Microsoft Game Room and essentially did the radio equivalent of shrugging. But I have an XBox and have downloaded Game Room, set up my arcade, and downloaded some of the games on offer.

So far I think it's pretty swell for a few reasons

1 I am now able to buy a legitimate version of many of these games that up until now I have emulated
2 the "community" features such as replays, leaderboards, and friend challenges are add a lot to the "Arcade" feel. I have a few buddies at work who have downloaded Crystal Castles and we've had a great time challenging each other's high scores
3 I can play these games on my PC and my XBox. Sure I have an atari 2600, but it's a lot easier for me to just fire these up on my desktop than it is to lug the 2600 box out just to play river raid.

Anyway, for anyone interested, Giant Bomb has posted some "quick looks" of game room and some of the different game "packs" that have been recently released. If any other RGR forum members are in game room we should totally start RGR challenges for some of these classics!




I'm not sure how well these are going to embed, so if they don't work you can check out the videos here (http://www.giantbomb.com/quick-look-game-room/17-2235/), here (http://www.giantbomb.com/quick-look-game-room-for-051210/17-2465/)and here (http://www.giantbomb.com/quick-look-game-room-for-052610/17-2553/).