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19-05-10, 05:47
I picked up an Atari 600XL at the swaps last weekend. It looks like it's never been used. However, when I turn it on I get a blank colored screen. It does switch over when I power it on but no curser or anything. Does it have BASIC built in or does it also use the Atari basic Cart that was used on the Atari 400? Should I see something powering it up besides a blank screen? I have no cartridge to test it so not sure if it will work for games or not. Anyone have one that could shed some light?


19-05-10, 05:49
Not 100%, but I'm *pretty sure* you should get the BASIC prompt when powering it up. I thought the 600xl was exactly the same as the 800xl except with less RAM. I only have an XEGS, so I can't verify.

19-05-10, 05:59
According to this: http://www.atarimuseum.com/computers/8BITS/1200xl/600.html
The 600XL has built in Basic, so you should get a prompt on power up...
I have never had one though so I can't verify 100% for sure.

Here's the flyer too:

19-06-10, 07:04
I fired up my 600XL and I get a screen with blue background, white text, and a READY prompt.


29-06-10, 12:23
Hey Mike,

I've got a spare PAC-MAN cart for the Atari 400/800/XL/XLGS series that should work fine in your 600. It's one of the more standard carts and works pretty much across the spectrum of Atari 8-bit computers. Just PM me your addy if you want it - no charge obviously.

Dave Bernazzani