View Full Version : Just got my second pinball, Flash (Williams, 1979)

15-05-10, 10:33
I got it from a local company who was having a sale this morning. There was already another guy there looking at it but he wasn't sure. I told the owner I would take it and then the other prospective buyer said the same. We both had the cash in hand. Since he was there first I asked if he wanted it. He offered to flip a coin. The owner flipped and the other guy called tails. It came up heads so now i am the proud owner of a Williams 1979 Flash pinball machine.

This may not be as good as my first pinball (Xenon) as the machine was already taken apart and I couldn't verify that it worked. The owner opened up the head unit and all the boards seemed to be there and there was no visible corrosion/leaking from the batteries. As far as cosmetics it looks to be in better condition then my Xenon and almost as dirty. I'll have to wait until tomorrow when I get it put together in the basement and plug it in. It sounds as though it has not been used in a couple of years.

I still have a lot of cleaning to do on the Xenon but pinballs don't show up around here at good prices very often so I had to jump at the offer.

I'm still holding out for my favorite pre-DMD pinball Blackout.

16-05-10, 02:33
Hope you have better luck with Williams than I have.

16-05-10, 03:14
Vibri, you started with a grail and continued with an industry icon. Bravo on your choices and continue as you are.

16-05-10, 03:23
Vibri, you started with a grail and continued with an industry icon. Bravo on your choices and continue as you are. What makes Flash an industry icon? IPDB lists it as the first game to have dynamic background sound and the first to use flash bulbs. Are those features really significant or is it something else I don't know yet?

I think I seem to be more lucky than making good choices.

I remember Xenon from when I was a kid but I don't remember caring for it much. It just happened to be a good deal. I now really enjoy Xenon and I am surprised how playable it is compared to other machines of its era.

I attended the Rocky Mountain Pinball Showdown (RMPS) a few weeks ago and saw what Xenon looks like with all LEDs (Amazing!!). I played a lot of the other games from the same era and not many were much fun. This probably has mostly to do with the fact that many of the machines had weak flippers which seemed as though they couldn't launch a cotton ball to the top of the play field let alone the magic silver ball. Another aspect which provides so much fun for Xenon is that we have put probably 20-30 hours of play into Xenon over the past few months which allowed us to really figure out the 'rules' for the game.

There were two Flash machines at the RMPS but neither were very exciting (weak flippers really kill a game). Like I said earlier I wasn't a fan of Xenon before I put hours into playing the game. Hopefully, the same will happen with Flash.

17-05-10, 05:51
Good news and somewhat bad news.

Got the machine down to the basement today and put together tonight. It had three Duracell batteries in it so I pulled them due to the horror stories of battery leakage. Machine boots up every other time I turn it on. I played one game and didn't see any issues other than the left flipper seems very weak. I'll have to research that further but I believe I read elsewhere that is normally due to the coil going out and requires a flipper rebuild.

Good news: machine appears to be fully operational
Somewhat bad news: it requires more than just cosmetic cleanup.

Overall I believe this was another lucky deal for me.

20-05-10, 03:19
Should I replace the batteries? I'm assuming that's why it boots every other time I turn it on. I will eventually need to move the battery holder but if I remember to replace the batteries every six months is it OK to leave them mounted on the board for now?

23-05-10, 02:07
I have had batteries in my machines for years (7?) and never had a problem... I have some very high end pins with no remote holder... i would replace the batteries yearly if you are worried about it and stick to Duracell as i have heard other batteries like engergizer have had problems. As long as you replace the Duracells every 2 years i would think you would never have any issues.

Its super anal to install a remote battery holder, but if you are that type, have fun!

23-05-10, 02:16
Ok... I take that back... i have newer games where it is not as important, for for your game you SHOULD get the batteries off... See below:


23-05-10, 04:42
Bingo, If the diode fails you could see new batteries leak before you notice, Just use a remote holder!