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13-05-10, 11:31
I'm doing some work on my mini-cade tonight and had an interesting idea for a marquee. I have a couple of those 7 inch LCD picture frames laying around not getting any use, and I was wondering about mounting either one or both of them into the cab as the marquee. My idea right now is to use a single screen centered at the marquee, then having to the sides of the screen some mini labels, MAME on the left and Leathco Mini-Cade on the right, than the LCD could scroll through a series of images, maybe a few MAME logos followed by some game screenshots? Than on the left and right behind the logoing would rest the speakers.

That's the idea I'm leaning towards, but if any of you guys have an idea on implementing two screens I'd love to hear it!

13-05-10, 01:26
I get what your saying, it might look good but it will be all in the rest of the marquee. The screen is brilliant though. Study up on Asteroids Deluxe and other games like Time Traveler that have images mixed with physical. If I was doing it, I would set the screen up recessed in a 3D sort of marquee with Asteroids Deluxe like splatter paint and some graphics on a black background.

13-05-10, 02:24
Hmm....do you mean something like this idea?

Make the marquee on the left and right hand sides parts of a screenshot from Darius. Than in the middle have the screen going flashing images that complete the display, so it looks like a wide angle shot of the game with the ship moving and fighting enemies on the middle part as if the game is running on that top marquee section.

Actually, the thing has a mode where it will play a short movie....

So....take this picture....
as the marquee. Cut the middle section and mount the screen there, then play a movie showcasing the ship flying and shooting in the middle part. Am I thinking along the right lines? I like that idea!

13-05-10, 03:11
I think it would look killer. I have no advice for you, but if you do it I'd love to see the finished result!

13-05-10, 03:38
I plan on doing something with the video screen, I just wanna do it RIGHT. I'd hate to do all the work putting it in and setting it up, only to look back and think that I could have done it better.

Measure twice, cut once!

http://img203.imageshack.us/img203/9401/screenshotyw.png (http://img203.imageshack.us/i/screenshotyw.png/)

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It looks like getting the aspect ratio to where the marquee fits the frame will be the roughest part. It'd definately suck to have my image sent off to be printed only to find out that the ratio was off a bit. I'll have to crop the video down a bit, than measure out how much of the marquee art goes from there.

Now to figure out if I'm making the cabinet just plain black (prolly not), to use standard sideart, or to do something a bit more interesting. Right now I just have the wood cut to size, I haven't put any paint on it yet.