View Full Version : My latest game and the subject of this months HWFB

11-05-10, 01:57
Hey guys, here it is, a Taito game called Landing High Japan that will be operated for money on location. The location happens to be the lounge at the airport I keep my planes at and fly from. It should be a hit and earn well. The theme is that you fly between the major airports in Japan in one of several airliners. The game is closer to a simulator than an arcade game but it is a coin op game for sure. It has a full flight control set with a yoke, rudder pedals, and throttle. It also has a secondary display screen in the instrument panel that displays the flight instruments in flight as well as game mode selection info. The profits from this game will be going to the airport booster club and the Experimental Aviation Chapter based at the airport, I am a member of both and VP of the EAA chapter.


11-05-10, 09:38
An unusual machine, looking forward to the Flashback.

How long does a "game" last?

11-05-10, 11:00
BTW, I may be acquiring a new machine at the weekend. By mutual agreement (well, threatening to do things to me in my sleep) that will be my final machine.

After that it will be 1 in 1 out.

I'm a light sleeper though..........................

29-05-10, 01:35

So here is it, the game is in the pilots lounge set up for coin op and ready to earn money!

29-05-10, 05:46

So here is it, the game is in the pilots lounge set up for coin op and ready to earn money!Great looking cabinet!

29-05-10, 10:48
You will have to let us know how much it earns and how many games went unpaid for.

30-05-10, 12:15
The game has a coin counter like any other game so you compare that against the collections and make sure there is no difference, or are you referring to bonus games won through a high score? Those are logged as well.

30-05-10, 01:07
No I mean those games where somebody kicks it and gets a free credit. ;)

30-05-10, 01:40
The only thing you will get by kicking this is a broken toe. On the other hand, those cheap stun guns will often fool a bill acceptor into thinking a bill was inserted.

06-06-10, 12:02
Saw a Landing High Japan today at the auction. Pretty sweet game. Sold for $150 :)

07-06-10, 12:36
You truly do live in a wonderland of machine availability and pricing :CHR

26-01-11, 02:41
SubaruBrat hows the earnings been going on this? Has it needed much maintenance? Dont think I heard anymore about it on the podcast?

26-01-11, 09:50
It has been a pretty low key game. I collect and check each month and the game is working clean with no problems. Earnings are good, we won't be buying any WWII warbirds with it but it helps contribute to funding the Experimental Aviation chapter and the booster club.