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09-05-10, 12:41
Hi there,

Not sure if people have heard Gary Stern's seminar - See below for link:#


It's pretty interesting in general - but he mentions that they've added a new link to their site-below:


A link to an independently run Pinball Locator site:


I'm pretty lucky with publicly playable pins down here in Christchurch - so I've added most of them in. I would suggest that people add the tables they know too.

Go On People - Do Your Bit! :)

I need to add Sydney & Melbourne Australia in too. Was lucky enough to pop across the ditch earlier in the year and they have some cool games - see below:


Windsor Hotel, CBD : TZ, NF and RS - but only No Fear working :(

Court House Hotel, Newtown : Spiderman, TZ, AF, JY, Congo, etc.
and Williams IJ

Queen Victoria Hotel, Newtown : The Getaway, SE Playboy, AND a CV!


The Lounge, CBD : Scared Stiff

Kingpin Bowling, Crowne Complex : The Simpsons Pinball Party, Pirates Of The Caribbean, a Star Wars Episode 1, AND a Revenge From Mars!!!

Crown Casino Bar - Monster Bash

19-11-10, 05:50
New Stern Site & Logo


I see Stern have updated their site:


and their Logo.....not sure about that as yet (opinions?)


But I notice that their new Table Locator is Stern-Only Grrrr

Glad to see the independent one still appears to be up and running:

http://www.pinballrebel.com/locator/index.php :)


19-11-10, 09:31
I think the logo is OK, maybe I would have put the ball on the left of the "S" as part of the flipper but I like the font.

BTW If you're buying a new Stern pin, do it through GameGavel as we're an official Stern vendor. ;)