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28-04-10, 08:01
Hey guys,

I was at the Canadian Sony dealer show last week and it was Amazing!!!!

They had a lot of cool stuff there but the thing that stuck out the most for me was the 3D tvs and Playstation.

I got to play a few demos and just wanted to brag about how insanely cool they were.

First I played wipeout in 3D futuristic racing is not really my bag but in 3D I was hooked! I felt like I was on a rollarcoaster with the level coming at me and out of the tv.

Then I jammed on some Motorstorm and holy crap as I was hauling ass through the jungle, I was ducking the branches of trees coming out of the screen, and when I crashed pieces of the car came flying out at me!

Then I watched the intro to Kill Zone 2, If you seen it in HD its awesome but I'm telling you in 3D that bullet was in your face and flying around the room it was jaw dropping!

I seen a quick demo on little big planet in 3D, again awesome!

3D is with out a doubt is the next generation of gaming.

Sony has done a superb job of 3D gaming and I could go on for days about how awesome the game and movie demos were in 3D but this is getting a little long winded.

I had a great time and just wanted to share my experience with this awesome community!:GAMER:

28-04-10, 02:47
Wow. That is pretty cool news. I thought it would more of a gimmick than anything. Now I am curious to see what this is all about. Hopefully Sony will be showing it all off at E3 this year. I will check it out there.

29-04-10, 08:34
I thought it was a gimmick at first too. but i'm telling you seeing is believing! as Sony would say......


02-07-10, 03:35
Im not sure about the Wii or XBox but Sony is really pushing the whole 3D think. I might be the last person in the world to have not seen modern 3D TV, Movies, or Games. The last move I saw in "3D" was ages ago. Back when 3D was with the red and blue cardboard glasses.

I want a 3D TV but will most likely wait until the technology is proven. But Little Big Planet 3D sound really fun.

02-07-10, 04:23
Sounds cool. I just refuse to be forced to put on a pair of $150 glasses to play games on an already $3,000 TV. What happens if you have company over?

02-07-10, 11:21
I'll wait until there is a solution without glasses. If the 3DS can do such a good job of it, then someone will do it for a big screen at some point.

02-07-10, 11:38
I havent seen the 3DS in action but the technology blows my mind. Everyone right now is trying to make there TV's games, ect., 3D with the glasses and Nintendo basically laughs at them. I winder if Best Buy would have one on display.