View Full Version : Break-In at Pinball Hall Of Fame

27-04-10, 11:25
They broke in to steal friggin copper and weigh it in.


I hope they get straight before CGE.

27-04-10, 11:49
Criminals are idiots. Going through that much trouble for a few days wage at a fast food joint, and some prison time to boot.

28-04-10, 12:18
Death penalty

28-04-10, 05:42
As UK said, I am taking a selfish angle and hoping that the Pinball Hall of Fame is open again for CGE, I wonder if Tim Arnold is taking donations to help replace the wiring?

30-04-10, 01:04
It sounds like the pins are all in tact. The building wiring should be easily replaceable (not cheap or quick, but possible).. I was afraid this was going to be that they broke in and destroyed the pins to get any wiring inside the tables.