View Full Version : Final Fight : Double Impact is out on XBLA/PSN

14-04-10, 06:19
Posted this in the Microsoft part because I happened to get the 360 version. :)

HDized (yeah, I used that) visuals, while still keeping the originals. They just fixed the old fuzz and jagged edges and stuff. Reworked music, and it's a two pack. It comes with the arcade version of Magic Sword as well. Has tons of unlockables like artwork and the like for doing various things in the game.

And it supports like in SF4 just jumping into any open game on Xbox Live. I just got done beating Final Fight with some dude who joined the game. Was the best fun I've had on Xbox Live in a LOOOONG time. Even remembering the old arcade "etiquette" of letting the guy who's lowest on health snag food first and stuff. And managed to snag the achievement for beating the game using under 18 credits playing on Normal.

Considering almost all my experience of Final Fight back in the day was from the gimped SNES version, and the surprisingly well done Mighty Final Fight on the NES, I had almost completely forgotten about the fact that you can harm the person playing the game with you as well. hah

I haven't played much of Magic Sword yet, gonna get to that soon though.

And on top of it all, the menu to play the games is this kick ass little corner with the arcade sitting there in attract mode. When you hit Start to start up a game, it runs through the boot up sequence and whatnot (alright, it's faked. But still.) AND check out these screenshot of what you get when you're PLAYING the game, which is icing on the cake.



And this sucker is only 10 bucks.

So if you've got a 360 and you get this game, my Gamertag is Dhalamar. Just if you do add me, tell me where you saw the handle so you don't get a "wtf?" response. heh