View Full Version : Hercules Pinball Video

14-04-10, 12:47
This is sweet. I've never seen one of these in person? Have any of you or better yet, have you ever played one?


14-04-10, 01:57
I've played two of them. One in Michigan and on here (http://www.lyonspinball.com/pinball_games.htm) in Colorado. Neither were very impressive but I imagine that's due to poor maintenance and hard to find or expensive parts for a one of a kind system. I'm hoping to get back to Lyons Classic Pinball again this summer. Hopefully they will have worked on it and it will be working better.

14-04-10, 03:22
That game is nuts. I hope they have one at the Hall of Fame to play.

14-04-10, 05:56
They had one at Hershey Park last time i was there but it was a few years ago. I played one when i was a kid in an airport, and also a few other times.

Generally, its a boring game once the novelty of the size and the cueball pinball wear off. Its slow and clunky but a nice museum piece to look at.

18-04-10, 07:51
Yes I played this many years back when I lived in Toronto there use to be an arcade at the base of the CNTower!