View Full Version : Warioware DIY

02-04-10, 04:03
Anyone pick this up yet? I am getting this today. Feel free to share your game creations here with other DS gamers. I will sticky this thread for now.:SM

03-04-10, 03:51
I just finished up a Pac Man themed game. It takes a while to figure out all the game making controls but after you make one you will have most of the basics figured out. It is pretty intuitive. Anyone want to play it? We need to trade those darn friend codes. So Cal Mike = 4211-6499-6649.

03-04-10, 05:56
So far I've made 4 Ghostbusters-themed games, "Getter Ray!", "Tap and Trap", "Shut it Down", and "Venkman's ESP". I'm working on more, lets trade games.

My code: 056091820134

05-04-10, 02:10
I just shipped my second game based on an old robot cartoon I used to draw in grade school - Steely Moe. Available for your playing pleasure now :)

06-04-10, 05:28
My new one called "Ecto-1" is now up.

09-04-10, 06:56
Alright retro gamers, I just put up my tribute to the 2600. It's called Play w/ Woody. Hope you like it.

I also added another Ghostbusters game, this time you "choose the destructor".