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26-03-10, 04:19
I was looking around for a cool arcade cab to buy and I keep coming back to Mappy, which I played a lot growing up. I was also looking through prices and for a decent cab it was around $3000. Is this a good price? Also what are some of your favorite cabs?

26-03-10, 05:00
I paid $400 for my Mappy when arcade prices were at their peak, $3000 is insane and someone is just hoping to catch someone who is unaware. You see this often on Craigslist and Ebay were people list games that basically have an extra zero added to the price. They might repost and have the ad up for months and sooner or later they get someone who thought Mrs Pacman was way more than $3500 and clicks buy it now because they always wanted one. And sometimes it is just your ubran gold folks that are certain that Pengo cab they have is worth $5000 because they were told it was by three experts who appraised their game. Mappy is a great looking cab and a cool game that you should find for under $500, great candidate for a 60in1 board since the board has Mappy and 59 other games as well so you can still have your Mappy boot up and play Mappy but have the others avaialable as well. Good info on the board at http://www.jammaboards.com/store/60-in-1-multigame-pcb/prod_212.html but they haven't had them in stock for a long time, http://www.lizardlick.com/pages/boards.shtml has them as do sellers on KLOV and other sites, prices can vary by a few bucks.

As a source for finding out the going rates of games at auction check out Basement Arcade. Mark hits a bunch of East coast auctions and takes down the prices that games sell for. Prices vary to some degree of course between areas, game condition, private sale Vs auction and just plain finding a good deal but generally prices will be close enough that by looking at a few auctions you can see if your game is a $200 or a $800 or a $1500 game.


26-03-10, 05:55
$3000 is insane for a Mappy. $200 Tops for one in super nice condition in this market. There have been some in our local Craigslist for under $200 and they won't sell.

26-03-10, 06:12
Wow, yeah I figured it was too expensive but I never would have guessed that overpriced. I have never checked out and auction for arcade cab's (Nor have I ever owned an arcade) but did recently see that video on your retrogamingroundup site regarding auctions. Also thanks for the heads up on that 60-1 board, most of those games were cabs I was contemplating grabbing instead of Mappy. Better be on my toes from now on huh.

26-03-10, 04:17
SoCal: wow - $200, really? I saw a few up here in NorCal over the last year or so for maybe 300-400 but as its a game I'm not mega interested in I didn't investigate further. For $200 though, I could definitely be persuaded!

27-03-10, 12:53
Socal lives in a very special place for video game finds, he tends to pick stuff up at half the going rate of most areas, we are all quite jealous.