View Full Version : The Xbox 360 Game Room is out. Finally.

24-03-10, 03:41
Just turn on your Xbox, you'll see it. There are two game packs out for it right now with the following games.

Armor Battle
Asteroids Deluxe
Crystal Castles
Lunar Lander
Red Baron
Road Fighter
Realsports Tennis
Sea Battle
Skiing, Mountain Madness/Super Pro
Space Armada
Space Hawk
Shao-lin's Road (Kicker)
Star Raiders
Super Cobra
Sub Hunt
Yar’s Revenge

I'm not sure which ones are arcade versions or Atari 2600 versions except for the obvious (Get to that in a minute).

Game pack one's description is "Pack 001 features eight arcade games from Atari and Konami, three Atari 2600 games, and four Intellivision games"

Game pack two is worded basically the same except for "Seven arcade games from Atari and Konami, four Atari 2600 games and four Intellivision games"

The only problem is, right now only the offline demo mode of it works, which doesn't let you play any games. If you're impatient like me and download it anyway knowing the problems (which they're working on), you can view and decorate your arcade rooms in various ways with props and whatnot.

The best part so far (since I haven't been able to play the games) is the ambient arcade noise. :P It isn't turned on by default. You have to turn it on in the settings, but it's definitely something I'm just going to have going in the background with the surround sound. :D

But to use it right now until they get it fixed, start up the arcade room, and if the loading freezes up about 25% in, hit your guide button (big silver button with the X in the middle of the controller), hit X to sign out of Xbox Live, unplug your ethernet cable or wireless adapter, sign back in offline and use it that way.

Kinda sucks that the launch is botched like this, but shit happens. Microsoft at least is pretty damn good about fixing this shit pretty quickly.

Once the games DO get there, you can either put in a token for 40 MS points (50 cents) and play it that way like sticking quarters in the machines. 240 points ($3) will snag the game to play unlimited on the 360. And 400 points ($5) will snag the game for unlimited play on both the 360 and a Windows based PC.

I think they're supposed to have new game packs every week, but I could be mistaken.

24-03-10, 04:10
That is a nice set of games. Take a video of this as I would love to see the interface and what not. I have a PS3 and am kind of regretting it right now :)

24-03-10, 04:24
I will once I can find my video capture usb card. I think I know where it is.

And I'm gonna end up making a video of it once Microsoft fixes it anyway.

Broken out the door. What a load of shit. lol

24-03-10, 09:22
Holy shit, now THIS is friggin' cool. Part of the leaderboards for this (that are per-game leaderboards) I'm watching the highest scoring person's replay of his entire game when he made that score. :P

That is flat out awesome.

Gonna have to dig out my Street Fighter arcade stick now. haha

25-03-10, 03:59
Bought these games for my little arcade room thingie online.

Millipede (2600)
Centipede (Arcade)
Red Baron (Arcade)
Road Fighter (Arcade)
Crystal Castles (Arcade)
Finalizer : Super Transformation (Arcade)

And I'm #15 as of this writing on the World Leaderboards for the high score in Millipede. lol

I tell ya what. That 360 controller. GREAT for shooters. Fucking TERRIBLE for these old games. And I have no idea where my arcade stick is at. :\

26-03-10, 04:26
SIGH. I played this last night and although I see what they['re trying to do, I wasnt overly impressed to be honest. Most of the cabs are using generic models but more than that, and perhaps this is a known issue or "just me" but every game I played glitched about every 10 or 20 seconds. It was strange, kinda like it just froze for a millisecond but enough to screw the sound up and be annoying. I also noticed that the sounds in some games - specifically the explosions in Scramble and Ast Dlx from what I remember last night - seemed wrong... not "ballsy" enough, hard to describe. As I was only playing with me initial free credits and I didn't buy any games I didn't really have enough time to check it out further.

Also - is there a way to change the background when you are playing a game (that is, the stuff being displayed behind / to the sides of the game)? Its really off putting to have a computer character running past the screen all the time when you are playing!

As for the 2600 and Intellivision games - are they the same price as the arcade games to buy? If so - that seems a little steep doesn't it?

Hopefully they get it all fixed up, but it definitely has a bit of a beta feel to it. I'll fire it up again tonight and have a better look.

Overall though I have so many ways to play these games more accurately (and for free) that I doubt I'll be buying anything anytime soon.

26-03-10, 04:44
I haven't had any performance problems in the least, and as far as the sounds ... I don't know what to say about those. They sound fine to me through my surround sound speakers. But then again, I won't play Scramble ... never have liked that game. More of a vertical shooter guy personally ... horizontal shooters just don't feel right.

And everything is the same price, which means I won't be buying shit like Adventure or anything for it. The thing that kinda sells them for me are the online leaderboards for anything with a high score. That's really the only reason I re-bought Millipede (I have the Atari Anthology for the PS2) is for the leaderboards. That and my PS2 isn't always hooked up.

And I haven't really seen a way to change the background, but it's never bothered me. Mostly because I used to play Mortal Kombat 2 and Killer Instinct in the arcades at a tournament level, and there were constantly people moving around in the background. So I guess I'm kind of immune to it. :P

They seem to play accurately enough for me, just the main problem is that the stock 360 controller is fucking TERRIBLE for these old games. These kids nowadays may be able to work around it, but I'm used to having a directional pad that actually WORKS. This "thing" on the 360 controller is worthless though. I have an SF4 fight stick around here somewhere, but I'll be damned if I can find it. And I've got an SF4 fight pad that has a d-pad that works great, but I can't find that damn thing either.

But yeah ... as far as them "glitching out" I haven't run into that at all. They're all smooth as silk on my end.

Well ... as smooth as Millipede for the 2600 can be anyway since that's what I tend to play the most. :P

The controller is what annoys me the most though, which is an easy fix if I can just find my shit.

30-03-10, 10:33
It's a bit like the old 3D Arcade front end. If you have never used it - 3D Arcade is a great front end for mame and any other emulators you have as it is highly configurable etc.

I have to say I love Game Room. The first batch of games is pretty mediocre. I thought I would spend a fortune in game room but so far I have only bought Asteroids Deluxe.

I have not used the rewind or other features yet, but it will be great to use it and finish some of the old classics that I could never complete, even on Mame. And the challenges are good fun.

The best thing is that they are planning on releasing 1000’s of games, with new releases every week. So every week is gonna feel like Christmas !

Just don’t ask me why I want to buy the same old games AGAIN when I have them on multiple console collections and even on my cab !

21-12-10, 08:43
I was excited about this when it was new, but they really didn't seem to release any games that I though were worth it. Interest has seem to completely fizzle. If activision had gotten more involved maybe it would have been a bit better.

21-12-10, 09:07
I believe the final straw broke for me when I went to play Pooyan on there for the first time shortly after release the other day and found the music missing...

05-04-11, 04:50
I've gotten back into gameroom recently. If anyone else is add me as a friend and send me a challenge

11-04-11, 01:10
I'm a recent 360 owner and am just getting into the Game Room. Up for some challenges. ID is ThriftyDJ. Wongojack, an invite is headed your way.