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17-03-10, 10:29
Pinball news have released a snippet of info on their new Iron Man Pinball at http://www.pinballnews.com/games/ironman/index.html

Wish it was Terminator Salvation but I think that moment has passed now. Looking forward to seeing this table.

17-03-10, 12:49
Yeah, T4 will always be the machine that should have been rather than NBA. But Ironman is a strong license and I think they will do well. And I firmly believe that with Buck Hunter done Golden Tee can't be far behind.

20-03-10, 10:31
I just came here to post about this Pin... looks good. Its Austin Powers again with a twist... i guess thats what happens when you lay off all of the talent. I hope it is a fun pin and does well - and even better, i hope i can actually SEE one!

Hey Scott, are you normally on RGP? What is your handle there?

21-03-10, 04:58
I have followed RGP since inception, I have never been a big poster.

27-03-10, 11:00
Here is some early video of the game... looks great!