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13-03-10, 10:18
I thought I would share pics of my pinball restoration..

Scott, i wanted also to tell you that your original Hardware Flashbacks helped me get into learning more about the hobby which led to me finding other sources and the courage to start this project, so THANKS!

This is my first game, bought from an operator when i was a noob, had some fish wear, blast zone blasted, cabinet was never cleaned, got dirty rag treatment (maybe) just be before he sold it to me with 10% of bulbs oiut. GI pins were hacked and quickly burned out.

I went at this machine last year. Started with just a tear down of the top, then ended up doing the whole thing.

Pics here:



What i did

- Every part has been disassembled and cleaned with simple green/
bleche white - all chrome got mothers mag polish. Dont have a tumbler
but every screw got bleche white
- Cabinet sanded and painted where needed, even underside sanded
- New parts installed where the old ones were no longer acceptable.
- New switches added where needed,
- New slingshot switches
- Many Pop bumper parts changed out.
- New sleeves for all solenoids
- Playfield completely stripped down and underside sanded.
- Harness soaked in simple green and let dry for 3 weeks
- Playfield touch ups at fish, and one or two unnoticeable areas and a
couple of spots where some moron put a screw through the playfield
(between flipper one small spot and in shooter lanes - moron in left
shooter lane was me! but that is covered by the ramp :)
- Playfield cleaned and waxed/buffed.
- Red and Ted totally disassembled and new parts needed/added to be
100% working
- Red even got a shampoo.
- GI connectors/headers replaced
- All boards cleaned meticulously
- Kickout hole restored, touched up, cliffy added
- The "Blast Zone" post got blown out - and the op screwed the post
into the playfield - i had to restore the hole and use Cliffy's blast
zone repair kit. Touch up came out good. I covered the fish and
blast zone touch up with the pinbalpal peelable mylar after coating it
with water based clear ala Clay's guide - just as a precaution for
future wear.
- Radio tricked out - i think it looks cool
- Rusty Apron blasted and powder coated - new decals added from
Treasure Cove
- Doser decals added
- Coin door completely disassembled and repainted
- New coin box from pinballlife
- Selective LED's where appropriate
- Cabinet side decals in good shape with little fade
- Many other parts added, dont remember them all.

Here is a video from when i first turned it on after re-assembling
it.. accidentally plugged red into ted!


13-03-10, 11:05
Nice work Joe, that illustrates my point about these games being worth the cost of doing a proper restoration. Once you get one into that shape you take pride in the result and it is more fun to play, and to encourage others in the hobby. Nice!