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12-03-10, 12:01
Hi all

A Tron cab has popped up on ebay. Listed as not working due to it tripping the breakers when it is powered up.

Just wanted to see if anyone had any thoughts on this cab? I have always wanted one and was going to start looking out for a restoration project later this year. This seems like a decent opportunity.

Anyone have any knowledge about how difficult/easy this game is to work on and what a reasonable price for the machine would be?


12-03-10, 12:10
No harder than any other Arcade game. Tripping the breaker I hope means the house breaker. Could be as simple as a damaged plug, cord, shorted filter fuse and contact block etc. But likely that the board is fine. Might possibly be a monitor problem as well. The problem is there are allot of questions and checks you would want to do or else your buying an unknown, as long as the price reflects that and the game is clean, go for it.

13-03-10, 04:50
I agree with Subarubrat,
I would probably check the cord first... and check to make sure the fuses are correct, and that they are not bypassed... if the game is tripping a house circuit breaker, it should be blowing the fuses on the power brick first, which is making me think it's the cord (or a bypassed fuse).
Not sure on value overseas, but I've seen ones run around $300 US in comparable nonworking condition. I'd guess that they aren't as common though in the UK as they were here.

13-03-10, 10:09
Cheers chaps!

I think they are a lot more scarce over here. I have set myself a fairly high limit for the auction so hopefully it won't go too silly. I'm looking at it as a keeper primarily and not an investment so I am willing to stretch the budget a bit.

I'm hoping to youtube the project too :) Should be fun.

13-03-10, 10:11
Go for it. The prices of these will rise when the movie comes out. A Tron is def on my short list of games to get.

15-03-10, 02:24
I didn't win the auction unfortunately. Sad in a way, but I set my budget at 450 and think sticking to limits is a good idea. Will keep my eyes peeled for another opportunity.


Just means I can use the funds to start my Mame cab sooner :)