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10-03-10, 06:10
This is pretty cool. You can download the whole movie :)


10-03-10, 06:50
Ah, leeching now to play on my Xbuick 360 Elite that isn't so elite anymore.

When they dropped the price from 399 to 299 they also took out the wireless internet connectivity, one of the wireless controllers and instead of coming with component cables like it used to (and I'm wanting to say it came with an HDMIcable, but I could be wrong) it just comes with composite.

Who the hell in their right mind hooks up anything past a PS2 or a Wii with composite.


Thanks Microsoft.

I still like it though. Thankfully I had the component cables from my old system.

Oh, and King of Kong is also on Netflix Instant Watch, which means you can watch it on the television screen if you've got a 360, Xbox Live Gold and Netflix.


10-03-10, 07:53
I'm not even 10 minutes into this thing and I've already heard a title theme with a sexual overtone, a chick playing an arcade machine with various looks of fake joy when you know full and well the only thing even remotely close to a joystick this chick has ever touched sure as hell wasn't on an arcade.

Then it shows the REAL gamer with a couple of chicks trying to get him over into their convertible, when they finally flash their tits to ultimately get him over there just to take a polaroid of his crotch and steal his pants.

And now he's digging a hotdog out of another chick's cleavage.

What the KABOOM!KABOOM!KABOOM!KABOOM! am I watching? lol

11-03-10, 01:17
Art. It is called art.

11-03-10, 02:34
Wow, thanks for the heads up. This film is the stuff of legend.

Gordon Bennett
11-03-10, 06:58
I bought this one on DVD not long ago. I enjoyed it. Definitely recommended for both the cheap laughs and the wonderfully evocative arcade environment.
That and the interesting bit that it is an 80s teen comedy that has all of the kids united together in their love of games instead of divided into two opposing camps such as jocks v. nerds or rich kids v. poor kids. I can't think of another with that approach.

And the wee scooters.