View Full Version : Upcoming retro style 360 indie RPG - Breath of Death VII : The Beginning

10-03-10, 05:38

Mostly because I'm an attention whore and starting to get tired and loopy. But regardless of any of that, this is a retro styled RPG that seems to take elements of the original 8 bit Dragon Warrior games, Breath of Fire, Chrono Trigger and Castlevania : Symphony of the Night. I'm personally kinda digging the look of the game. It's set to come out in April for 80 MS space bucks ... which comes out to $1.

I haven't played the game, and all I've seen of it is in the link (which is my site).

And there are other retro style games in the indie games section on the Xbox 360. The ones I can think of that are definitely worth getting off the top of my head are :

Decimation X - 80 points : mix Space Invaders with bullet hell shmups and you've got this.

A Game of Tennis - I think it's 80 points, can't remember exactly. But it's Pong. With Xbox Live multiplayer support and (I think) leaderboards. Which is WAY overkill for a Pong game. :P There's also another one called Aaron's Ping Pong which actually plays just barely better, but is also a lot more barebones (no XBL support or leaderboards or anything. Just Pong)

Dungeon Adventure - Uh .... I think it's 240 points ($3) : A surprisingly well done Roguelike that you can play with a keyboard, chat pad or controller with your choice of either tiled graphics or the old ANSII style graphics. And I think it has online leaderboards as well.

Aardvark - Don't remember how much it is. : A fairly well done Arkanoid style game with a level editor. It just unfortunately has no way of sharing the levels you make.

bricks4ever - 80 points : Hands down the best Arkanoid style game on the 360. Period.

Angry Barry - I think it's 5 bucks : Plays like Bad Dudes, though a LOT harder and you only get one life for the entire game. Big flaw, but it's still a halfway decent game.

Home Run Challenge - I think it's 80 points ($1) : A pretty basic, but really pretty, home run game.

Little Racers is a top down racing game. I personally don't like it, but I'm not a big fan of most top down racers anyway.

Nuke Your Neighbor plays pretty much identical to Uno, only it has 8 player support instead of just 4 players for a buck. Has a pretty cool look and feel to it as well.

Snake360 - It's a Snake game. Plain and simple, but it's one of the best ones I've played.

And a couple of tower defense games for those of you who are into them :

NextWar : Quest for Earth at 80 points - A fun, easy to grasp TD game with a great vector graphics look. Although the frame rate PLUMMETS when there's a lot going on ... pretty big flaw, but it's so cheap and fun I was willing to disregard that.

And Sol Survivor. This one is 800 points, but in my opinion beats the shit out of Defense Grid. And it has online multiplayer. I'm pretty sure there's a PC version coming out eventually as well.