View Full Version : Heartland Pinball and Arcade Supershow pictures

10-03-10, 03:53
They're in my profile's album, I just got done uploading them. They're from 2009. It's not the biggest event on Earth, but it happens regardless.

Pinballs just go in and play are virtually non existent around here, and the one arcade that I know we've got ... the games I care about don't work right. Like Terminator 2 the arcade game ... the joystick guns are wonky. Outrun won't shift into high gear, etc etc.

Seems like the guy just shoved them in there just because he had them, whether they worked right or not. :\

I know there aren't that many pictures, I did take a few more than that but I'm so damn shaky they were blurred messes. Or someone would walk in front of me RIGHT AS I was taking the goddamn picture.

But, yeah. They're there. Enjoy. :)