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10-03-10, 12:51
I am sure we've all seen this by now but freakin WOW! Now is the time to get a TRON arcade because prices will be insane very soon.


10-03-10, 04:47
Cant wait for this to come out. Loved the original and this looks like its going to be good. It lends allot of credibility to it with alot of the original cast coming back.

10-03-10, 04:59
It's been years since I've done this (maybe since Episode I?), but this is definitely the movie that I would call in a sick day for. It's just that I have to wait until friggin December! :BW:

I loved seeing Boxleitner and Flynn's arcade.

The only thing that I'd like to see next is a sneak preview of is what the Tron program is going to look like.

10-03-10, 05:29
I go to movies about once a year TOPS, sometimes every other year, and have gone as long as 4 years. Last time I went was about a year ago for Terminator 4 and Star Trek, and I was not disappointed. Unless I see something that changes my opinion, Tron is a must see.

10-03-10, 10:58
Yes, Both Bruce Boxleitner and Jeff Bridges are great actors and I love the first Tron, which is a true classic.

A true sequel to a movie 28 years later, that must be a record.
Makes me feel old, old enough to remember when the MCP was just a chess program...

I missed the theatrical version when the first one came out, wish they would show it as a double feature.

I was 8, the certification was 11 ... but at least I got one of those Tron tape/booklet packs ("...turn the page when you hear this sound.."), it is still in my possession.

The only scarring to my mind happened a long time after that, a fan made costume we all know... (the eye can't un-see what it has seen)

I can imagine that whenever doing service on any of the arcade machines, you have to shout, at least once:

"Bring in the logic probe!"

Yes, maybe this is the best time to find a Tron game, I imagine...

10-03-10, 11:02
I very rarely get excited about a movie but this is a rare exception :) Can't flippin wait.

I've been wanting to get a Tron cab for a while, best get in there quickly!

End of line.